February 26, 2021

Chinese companies have always loved to copy everything from famous brands. Once upon a time, such people actively copied Apple and Samsung equipment, and now, years later, Chinese designers have learned how to create their own products so that they look attractive in the eyes of customers. Back in 2017, along with iPhone X, Apple Inc. announced animated Animoji emoticons that repeat facial expressions. In 2018, with the release of iOS 12, such emoticons were added with new ones called Memoji, and they are emoticons that allow recreating the appearance of a human face with a high degree of accuracy. The Chinese corporation Xiaomi decided to create their clone.

Xiaomi sues users of their smartphones

Even in the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8, there were emoticons Mimoji, but they were a miserable sight, as they were very badly flawed. It took more than one year for this electronics manufacturer to modify its creation, as a result of which the youth phones CC9 and CC9e use normal animated emoticons, which are almost an exact copy of those in Apple’s iPhone.

Nevertheless, the Chinese corporation denies all charges of plagiarism, arguing that only its product has the ability to automatically generate text characters, but in Memoji technology there is no such function.

Xiaomi sues users of their smartphones

The most interesting thing is that Xiaomi promises to sue all those who insist that the proprietary technology Mimoji is a clone of Apple’s Memoji, as reported by the publication PhoneArena. The Chinese corporation intends through the court to defend the uniqueness of its technology, which it, as can be understood from the images, clearly created, inspired by the creations of the Apple corporation from the United States.

The American company itself does not comment on such actions of its Chinese competitor, but it is understandable, because its products are not represented on the local market of the United States, and it’s absolutely pointless to sue over plagiarism in China.

Xiaomi’s actions are understandable because if she had recognized that Mimoji’s branded animated emoticons were copied from American Memoji, she would have ruined her reputation very much. However, it is enough to look at the images so that it becomes clear how much the emoticons in the iPhone are similar to those in smartphones from a Chinese corporation.

Xiaomi sues users of their smartphones

Who borrowed them from someone is quite obvious. Earlier it became known that the advanced flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 made all buyers scream with delight because no one could have thought that it would be so advanced in all respects.

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Xiaomi sues users of their smartphones
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Xiaomi sues users of their smartphones
The chinese giant company Xiaomi sues users of their smartphones. Even in the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8, there were emoticons Mimoji, but they were a miserable sight, as they were very badly flawed.
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