December 1, 2022

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 found a secret feature that makes it better than Samsung Galaxy S10

Currently, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 is the most advanced phone on the market, but it also costs appropriate, because they ask for a whole $ 1,000 for this device, which is a lot. That is why many people make a choice in favor of the flagships from Chinese manufacturers, and the best among those now is Xiaomi Mi 9, at least in terms of price and quality. The top-notch feature was discovered in this top-level phone that makes it much better than South Korean premium mobile devices, which have almost twice the price.

Xiaomi Mi 9 'secret feature' that makes it better than Galaxy S10

According to the Chinese news agency MyDrivers, the developers managed to make Xiaomi Mi 9 display information on a screen with a frequency of not 60 Hz, but 84 Hz. The product of the South Korean corporation is not capable of this.

In practice, this means a smoother picture in games and movies. Currently, the smartphone with the highest refresh rate of the matrix is ​​the OnePlus 7 Pro, where this feature is declared as a great competitive advantage, and it can reach 90 Hz. In practice, it turns out that the product Xiaomi is almost not inferior in this regard.

Xiaomi Mi 9 'secret feature' that makes it better than Galaxy S10

In order to increase the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 84 Hz, the owners of Xiaomi Mi 9 must install special software for developers, as well as the Magisk application. To increase this value, you will also have to install a number of additional applications, all of which need to update the information on the screen of the mobile device faster.

This is a kind of “national” overclocking, information about which is currently available only on Chinese websites and forums. However, in the coming days, this should be localized into English, which will greatly simplify the process.

Xiaomi Mi 9 'secret feature' that makes it better than Galaxy S10

The main thing is to understand and take into account that when the screen refresh rate is increased, the owners of the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone lose their warranty, and the mobile device itself will start to work more slowly, because part of the computing power will go to processing additional frequency, as it happens on any other devices.

Due to this, the battery life will decrease, and you also need to be prepared for this. By sacrificing all this, the smartphone user gets a smoother picture everywhere, from the interface to the most diverse video games.

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