September 29, 2022

Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, published information on the displays of the upcoming smartphones of the Mi 10 model in his Weibo account. Their parameters are really amazing!

The screen refresh rate will be 90 Hz, which is a very high indicator. Even more impressive is the frequency of polling the sensor layer – a parameter that directly affects the response speed of the smartphone. It is 180 Hz, which is significantly higher than the latest iPhone models, in which this value reaches only 120 Hz.

Xiaomi Mi 10 (2020): promises to install a “dream screen”

The manufacturer of AMOLED screens is Samsung. Maximum luminance is 1120 cd / m 2 , the contrast is equal to 5,000,000: 1. Displays support the extended dynamic range of HDR 10+. It is also worth mentioning the incredibly high Just Noticeable Color Differences indicator JNCD <0.55. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a JNCD of <0.9.

Xiaomi calls the new displays a “dream screen”. The final characteristics of the smartphones of the Mi 10 line will be announced tomorrow, during an online presentation.

Xiaomi Mi 10 can be fully charged in 45 minutes

Xiaomi has published information about the batteries of the new flagship line of smartphones Mi 10. Recall that the presentation of hotly discussed devices is scheduled for tomorrow.

Xiaomi Mi 10 (2020): promises to install a “dream screen”

Xiaomi Mi 10 will receive a battery capacity of 4500 mAh, which will support a fast-charging power of 50 watts. Thus, using the appropriate charger, the smartphone can be fully charged in just 45 minutes!

In addition to fast wired charging, the smartphone will receive 30 W wireless charging, which is comparable to conventional wired charging. The phone will also support 10 W reversible wireless charging, which will allow you to charge other devices from it, such as headphones or a smartwatch.

The company has not yet shared information about the battery and charging of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro smartphone. According to rumors, this phone will be equipped with a quick charge system, whose power is already 66 watts! Evidence for this was found in the MIUI code 11 months ago. And recently, a photo of a quick charger leaked into the network.

Xiaomi Vice President Chang Cheng said that the manufacturer considered many combinations of charging speed and battery capacity, including a 4850 mAh battery with a fast charge of 18 W, a 4700 mAh battery with a fast charge of 30 W, a 4500 mAh battery with a fast 50 W charging and a 4050 mAh battery with 65 W fast charging.

Finally, the company came to the conclusion that a 4,500 mAh battery with a fast charge of 50 watts is the best choice for Xiaomi Mi 10, considering various factors such as the thickness of the device and how a higher power (65 watts) would force Xiaomi to install the battery with reduced capacity.

Xiaomi will announce the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series with the Snapdragon 865 processor tomorrow in an online presentation. It is expected that by this time the company will provide additional information on the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro phones.

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Xiaomi Mi 10 (2020): promises to install a “dream screen”
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Xiaomi Mi 10 (2020): promises to install a “dream screen”
The new upcoming flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 (2020): promises to install a “dream screen”. The upcoming smartphones of the Mi 10 model in his Weibo account.
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