October 15, 2021

What will iOS 14 looks like? In October 2012, Scott Forstall, one of the creators of the iPhone operating system and the main candidate for the post of head of the company, resigned. IOS and macOS design developers were included in the industrial design group of the company, which was led by Jonathan Ive, and in 2013 the appearance of the operating system changed almost beyond recognition.

Jonathan and Scott had different views on the design, to put it mildly. In iOS 7, in the end, one design was replaced by another. Now that Jonathan Ive has left Apple, this will be over. The first signs of a new design revolution appeared back in 2018 at WWDC. It was a riot for which there was nothing for anyone.

What will iOS 14 looks like?

Scott Forstall, almost alone, defended the idea of ​​developing an operating system for the iPhone. Among the opponents of this idea were almost all the top managers of the company related to this project and even Steve Jobs. In 2012, Apple Maps, the development of which was led by Scott, damaged the company’s reputation – Scott was most likely framed, but we will not go into this story.

Skeuomorphism in iOS

Scott was an apologist for skeuomorphism, the “ism” of which consisted in depicting the interface elements of electronic devices in the form of objects of the physical world known to the user that perform more or less the same functions. This, according to skeuomorphists, was supposed to facilitate orientation in a digital world that is alien and unusual for most.

Even elements that were not too similar to objects from the real world were painted with shadows to make them seem real. With realism, they really went too far – for example, because of the shelves with a beautiful wood pattern in the iBooks application, it was possible to place three times less objects on the screen.

What will iOS 14 looks like?

But the absolutely flat and translucent world of iOS 7, released in 2013, professing a strange, in my opinion, principle “content is everything, buttons and other controls are nothing” shocked even more. But the iPhone and iPad looked fantastic because of this interface, the models of the past and the year before last looked like new, and many liked the iOS 7 interface from the first day.

It seemed to me that along with useless excesses, a lot of useful and necessary shades and styles were thrown into the landfill – but skeuomorphism is a thing of the past, first from iOS, then from macOS.

Minimalism in iOS

Time has shown that a rational approach has a right to exist. Interfaces because of it has become less understandable – chiaroscuro and pseudo-three-dimensionality distinguished controls against the background of “content”, which in no way distracted from work.

This is my personal opinion, but buttons and other controls merging with the content and almost not standing out against its background too often went unnoticed by users who had to be quick-witted and observant.

What will iOS 14 looks like?

Complained. To the honor of the App Store receivers, they did not find fault with clearly marked and clearly marked elements, and there were more complaints about this field. Describe this “ism” is not necessary, it is before your eyes. Acceptable, beautiful, sometimes great. Good. But it would be great if it got even better.

Neomorphism in iOS 14

Comparing interfaces to “better is worse” is probably wrong. Comparing “isms” is doubly wrong. But the modern version of moderate skeuomorphism, which was called metamorphism (neumorphism) looks clean and minimalistic while achieving greater expressiveness. Whether the interface style will change in iOS 14 is unknown.

What will iOS 14 looks like?

There was nothing about this in the recent leak. Probably, but not a fact. It would be even beautiful: c iOS 1 (which did not have a name at all, but actually it was iOS 1) before iOS 6 – a cozy tube skeuomorphism; c iOS 7 to iOS 13 – concise minimalism, from the creator of the world’s best apple technology designs; from iOS 14 to iOS 20 (!) – careful modern, no-frills in any direction.

What do you think about the design of iOS 14? Share your opinion below the comment section?

There is no companion for taste and color; on the pages of the world wide web, supporters of new trends are desperately arguing with “retrogrades” claiming that there is no place in our world for neomorphism, like all other “morphisms”. But I do not find anything terrible in the new “change”, although if everything remains as it is now, I will not object either. We learn everything at WWDC 2020, which will be online this year.

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What will iOS 14 looks like?
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What will iOS 14 looks like?
Here is what will iOS 14 looks like? Concise minimalism, from the creator of the world's best apple technology designs; from iOS 14 to iOS 20.
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