September 29, 2022

All men know: sometimes it’s easier to find the meaning of life than to choose a gift for March 8th. Someone puts a hackneyed plate with flowers and a compliment, but the plants wither, and the words are forgotten. What about a person who wants to give his soulmate, mother, sister or daughter an unusual and at the same time a useful thing? In this case, a smartphone is a good option. The Vivo brand just has models of original colors that women with a sense of style will like.

Vivo Y19 – for photos, games and everything else

The price of a smartphone can’t afford, but the Y19 is suitable for all occasions. It was equipped with a 6.53-inch screen with a resolution of 2340×1080 – at least watch the series on it, at least clips from YouTube. The MediaTek Helio P65 chip and 4 GB of RAM are responsible for the speed, and 128 GB of storage is allocated for data storage.

Vivo gift March 8 Y19 V17 Y91C Y12

On the back there is a triple camera with support for AI functions – it consists of 16, 8 and 2-megapixel sensors. It is convenient to take self-portraits on a 16-megapixel front lens. There is also a special mode for entertainment – Ultra Game Mode: it blocks notifications, sets the priority for the game and allows you to change the voice in the chat.

One of the main advantages of the model is autonomy. A 5000 mAh battery is enough for 15 hours of continuous video display, and in mixed mode, the smartphone lasts up to two days. At the same time, the charging is reversible: the Y19 can both makeup for its energy loss and power other gadgets.

As a gift on March 8, the option in white colors will be especially relevant. The cost of the smartphone is $212 USD, and when using the VIVOY19 promotional code, you can get an additional discount of $15 USD.

Vivo V17 – power, beauty, and character

The device immediately attracts attention – thanks to the unusual design of the quad-camera, the display and the gradient coating of the case. Four 48, 8, 2 and 2-megapixel lenses are assembled in a diamond-shaped insert, the 6.38-inch Super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 2340×1080, and they offer the model in three colors at once.

Vivo gift March 8 Y19 V17 Y91C Y12

The most interesting gift for March 8 is “Cloudy Blue”, playing in the light with pink and blue mother of pearl. Now a smartphone costs $303 USD, taking into account a discount of $45 USD.

V17 is based on Snapdragon 665 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent memory. This hardware is complemented by a number of useful features. For example, for quick unlock, a fingerprint scanner is built into the screen, and the necessary information remains visible even in sleep mode – thanks to the Always On Display function.

The 32-megapixel front camera makes high-quality selfies, which is rarely seen in models at an average price. It is easy to make contactless payments with the NFC chip, and the slot for two SIM cards is convenient for using different tariffs at the same time. The 4500 mAh battery lasts 20 hours of video playback and supports fast charging via a 9-watt adapter.

Vivo Y91C – simple and tasteful

Whoever said that the budget model couldn’t be beautiful, he didn’t see the Y91C in the “Red Sunset” case with overflow from purple to bright scarlet. The device runs on a MediaTek Helio P22 processor with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory. On the 6.22-inch Halo FullView screen, there is a teardrop-shaped cut out with a 5 MP front camera. The main 13-megapixel lens is placed on the back.

Vivo gift March 8 Y19 V17 Y91C Y12

The smartphone was equipped with the necessary set of functions, including several shooting modes, from professional to portrait with Face Beauty improvements. An inexpensive mobile phone allows you to click and consume entertainment content. Considering the hardware, the 4030 mAh battery is enough for one or two days of work at a daily pace. You can purchase the device at a discount of $106 USD instead of $136 USD.

Vivo Y12 – triple camera, large screen, and 5000 mAh battery

Among the low-cost models of the brand, there is a more advanced version – with a 6.35-inch Halo FullView display. The smartphone is based on the MediaTek Helio P22 processor, supplemented with 3 GB of RAM.

It would seem that such a bunch of stars from the sky is not enough, but thanks to the Ultra Game Mode, the device draws modern mobile games. The program distributes system resources in such a way as to increase the speed of one application, and in addition, the accelerator reduces the number of skipped frames.

Vivo gift March 8 Y19 V17 Y91C Y12

A triple camera with support for artificial intelligence functions is responsible for taking photos and videos. It includes 13, 8 and 2-megapixel lenses, including a sensor with a viewing angle of 120 degrees – just right for panoramic shots. You can click a selfie on an 8-megapixel front camera that improves portraits through AI Face Beauty.

The autonomy of the smartphone provides a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh, and lovers of listening to music in wired headphones will appreciate the 3.5 mm audio jack. An interesting gift for March 8 will be the option in the coloring “Red Burgundy.” Now it can be purchased for $166 USD.

Of course, gigabytes and megapixels love cannot be measured. But an original and beautiful gift instead of an on-duty bouquet can tell her a lot. It remains only to choose the color and model of the smartphone from the Vivo range.

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Choosing a gift with Vivo: what to present on March 8?
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Choosing a gift with Vivo: what to present on March 8?
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