September 16, 2021

Designers and engineers do not leave attempts to remake a four-wheeled car in a two wheeler. The result of such developments was the emergence of a special class of vehicles – gyrocar. Recently, the American Museum restored one of the nearly lost projects, after which it was tested in the city.

The two-wheeler car tested in urban environments [VIDEO]

The car really has only two wheels, and its balance is ensured by the untwisted flywheel. And although history remembers several similar concepts at once, the serial production of “bikes with salons” did not wait.

Back in 1967, enthusiast, Luis Swinney decided to try out his own performance gyrocar. More than 50 years ago, he, as part of his company Gyro Transport Systems, introduced the single Gyro-X. About $ 750 000 was spent on development, which in terms of the current exchange rate would be an investment of $ 6 million.

The weight of the original car was 839 kilograms. With an engine power of 80 horsepower, he developed a speed of up to 201 km / h.

The two-wheeler car tested in urban environments [VIDEO]

Alas, the car was lost for many years. Only in 2008, it was discovered by collector John Windsor. Girokar was in a terrible state: there was no flywheel, the body was significantly damaged. After the sale of the Gyro-X Automobile Museum Lane Motor Museum (Nashville, USA), two-wheeled transport has found a new life.

In early June, the restored gyrocar passed the first test on the streets of the American city of Nashville. While driving, it feels like a fancy car is not driving, but literally floating on the road. It is possible that automakers will again take the idea of a pencil.

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