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TOYOTA Camry 2018 Official Video | TOYOTA Let’s Go Places | Vehicle For Change

The wide unification of the Japanese and American versions has led to the fact that the new Toyota Camry model of 2018 (photo) bundle and price, when it comes out, will keep their combination at the most profitable level. In addition to saving on the development of a single new body, the localization of the popular sedan also plays into the hands. According to the latest news, the release date for Toyota Camry is scheduled for the first half of 2018. As before, the assembly will be carried out at the plant in Shushary near St. Petersburg. The technical characteristics of the initial version imply the presence of a 2-liter engine with a power of 150 forces and a 6-speed automatic transmission. At base Toyota Camry 2018 in a new body (a photo) the price at official dealers will be 26568 US Dollars. This is the initial configuration of the Standart, and the new model will consist of nine complete sets and three power units to choose from.

TOYOTA Camry 2018 Official Video, TOYOTA Let's Go Places, Vehicle For Change

The hierarchy of versions of the Japanese sedan is built in such a way that each configuration is combined exclusively with a certain type of motor, assigned to it in rank. As already mentioned above, the standard set includes only a 2-liter motor. Such Toyota Camry 2018 in the new body at the price of 26568 US dollars * offers: climate control, branded audio system with MP3, heated seats and mirrors with electric, front and rear electric windows, steering wheel and driver’s seat height adjustment, parktronics, fog lights, engine start button, folding rear seat and aluminum wheel disks. Active and passive safety is ensured: 6 cushions, stabilization system, light sensor and helper to the mountain.

TOYOTA Camry 2018 Official Video, TOYOTA Let's Go Places, Vehicle For Change

Specifications of Toyota Camry 2018 model year at a price of 27596 US Dollars * in the following in the list of equipment Standard Plusalso imply a 2-liter motor. The equipment of this version is replenished with such useful things as a rear-view camera, cruise control, a rain sensor, as well as telephone hands-free and Bluetooth. Another configuration, combined with a 2-liter engine, is called Classic.

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The cost of the new model Toyota Camry in this configuration is 28796 USD *, and the equipment is additionally equipped with a salon with a leather trim and electric drives for adjusting the front seats: for a driver’s seat in eight directions, and for a passenger seat in four. The surcharge for painting with the metallic effect, regardless of the bundle, including the flagship Luxe, will be 360 USD *, 549 USD will be asked for “mother of pearl”. *

TOYOTA Camry 2018 Official Video, TOYOTA Let's Go Places, Vehicle For Change

Five trim levels, further down the rank, are friends with a 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 181 hp. Equipment version of Comfort in many respects repeats the composition of the Standart Plus. An exception is the presence of headlight washer, decorative inserts in the cabin, imitating valuable tree species, and a wireless charger. Price Toyota Camry 2018 in the Comfort package is $29139*. Elegance, in turn, is a symbiosis of the equipment set of the Classic and Comfort versions and is offered for 30682 USD *. The prefix Plus in the name Elegance (31367 USD *) means: the additional presence of LED headlights, aluminum wheels enlarged to 17 (+1) inches in diameter, original radiator grille, turn signal repeaters, chrome door knobs, heated rear seats and auto-corrector lights headlights with automatic switching near / far.

TOYOTA Camry 2018 Official Video, TOYOTA Let's Go Places, Vehicle For Change

In addition to the aluminum wheels of the original design and an additional label on the trunk lid, the Exclusive package of 31882 US Dollars * is equipped with a Navitel navigation system with a 10-inch touchscreen and support for Yandex-maps on the Android platform. The flagship for a 2.5-liter engine, the Prestige is equipped with: a premium audio system, electric rear seats with an additional remote control for various functions, 3-zone climate control, a rear-view camera with dynamic markings and windshield heating. Luxe top equipment with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and 249-horsepower, will additionally please electric steering column adjustment, the memory of seat position, mirrors and steering wheel, sun blind curtain with electric drive, nine airbags and blind zone monitoring system. The prices of the new Toyota Camry model in the Prestige and Luxe trim levels are 1 930 000 and 36853 US Dollars *, respectively.

TOYOTA Camry 2018 Official Video, TOYOTA Let's Go Places, Vehicle For Change

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