December 1, 2022

Best 48MP Highest Megapixel Camera Phones You Can Buy in 2019

We’ve created a list of Highest Megapixel Camera Phones in 2019. Cameras are still an important feature for mobile phones, and equipment manufacturers are constantly trying to sell something new and interesting. After the term “dual cameras” (or even triple cameras) lost its relevance, we again focused on marketing high-resolution sensors with a high number of megapixels (MP).

This year, the specifications of the 48-megapixel camera are too large. We already have several phones with Sony IMX586 and Samsung GM1 sensors, and many others are on the go.

Top 10 Best Highest Megapixel Camera Phones in 2019

Is a higher megapixel or resolution count better?

The megapixel or resolution of your camera is just an indicator of how large an image can be, not an indicator of image quality. The more pixels, the wider the canvas on which you can stretch the image. That’s why 12MP or 13MP is big enough for all practical purposes.

When you insert more pixels into the tiny sensor of a smartphone, the size of each pixel becomes smaller. For example, the size of each pixel for the Sony IMX586 48MP sensor is only 0.8 microns. Without proper software, this can lead to loss of detail and dynamics, especially in low light conditions.

Samsung GM1 VS Sony IMX586 Sensor – which is better?

The Samsung ISOCELL GM1 and Sony Stacked CMOS IMX586 are now two 48-megapixel sensors, and both are theoretically identical. Each of them is a 0.8-inch half-inch sensor and combines four pixels to effectively display an image of 12 megapixels. Both sensors support PDAF and HDR.

Samsung GM1 VS Sony IMX586 Sensor - which is better?

In media messages, we heard that the Samsung GM1 sensor (part number S5KGM1) has 12 million pixels and does not have an actual 48 million pixels and uses software interpolation to obtain 48-megapixel images. Nothing on the official Samsung website confirms this statement.

The official page states that the GM1 has 48 megapixels and as the Sony IMX586 combines 4 pixels into 1.

However, Xiaomi uses Sony IMX586 for the Pro-version of Redmi Note 7 and Samsung GM1 for a standard sensor. This means that IMX576 is the most preferred of the two.

Best 48MP Highest Megapixel Camera Phones You Can Buy in 2019


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