October 2, 2022

How are business phones different from regular phones? Here are top 10 best smartphones for business 2020. After all, businessmen use a smartphone not only for work but also for personal purposes … But there are still differences.

The first thing that comes to mind is an image. However, all phones have been looking pretty much the same lately. Android is not inferior to iOS. A bull’s-eye, a monster camera, and a large size will not surprise anyone. On the contrary, extra inches, pixels, hertz, camera eyes – become minuses for a business smartphone.

Top 10 best smartphones for business 2020
Top 10 best smartphones for business 2020

Reliability, safety, quality of work, ease of carrying in a pocket, autonomy, and productivity are of much greater value. Moreover, the balance between autonomy and productivity should be shifted towards autonomy. We hope that executives don’t play action games on their smartphones, but if the phone runs out at a crucial moment, it will be bad for business.

Perhaps, to be honest, it was necessary to make this rating only from various iPhone and Samsung models, but for the interest, we take one, the best phone from each manufacturer. In addition, the benefits of the most suitable smartphones for business are more clearly visible, and what parameters should be considered when choosing.

And yet, we evaluate phones that can actually be bought in domestic online stores. The prices are taken from them.


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