December 1, 2022

To maximize the maximum speed and performance of phones, smartphone brands have chosen 12 GB of RAM (the list of 12GB RAM phones 2019). However, we all know that increasing the amount of RAM does not necessarily guarantee better performance. Why do phones run with so much RAM? Or is it just a marketing tactic to stand out from the stream of phones on the market? Let’s first answer these questions.

12GB RAM Phones Top 10 Best 12GB RAM Announced and Upcoming Mobile Phones 2019!

Do you really need 12 GB of RAM on your phone?

RAM is used to cache processes in memory and quickly retrieve them without delay or delay. However, more than GB of RAM is not a general rule for executing commands. Based on our personal experience, we found a slight difference between the actual performance and the test results of the OnePlus 6T and its Mclaren 10 GB version.

12GB RAM Phones Top 10 Best 12GB RAM Announced and Upcoming Mobile Phones 2019! (2)

However, times are changing, and we are entering the era of multitasking on mobile phones, playing AR and VR games, etc. This, in turn, may require more RAM. In this sense, 12 GB phones do not seem to be a likely solution. You could better manage resource-intensive games and applications and be useful in multitasking. Thus, to make our experience promising, we could use 12 GB phones.

Whatever the reason, we have listed 12GB RAM phones from different manufacturers. So, if you are looking for the best phones with 12 GB of RAM for 2019, you will find the following list: COMING UP NEXT…

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