December 1, 2022

According to TSMC from Taiwan, the ban on chip shipments to Huawei will not affect the US

After the introduction of a unilateral ban on cooperation from the British ARM, the future of the Huawei smartphone line was in doubt. But, as it turned out, not all vendors supported the sanctions actions of the American government. TSMC, the world’s largest chipmaker, announced the continuation of joint work with a Chinese partner.

The world's largest chip maker "TSMC" supported Huawei

According to latest news, the company TSMC announced the continuation of cooperation with Huawei. According to the press manager of the corporation Elizabeth Sun, the sanctions of the US government against the Chinese vendor (Huawei) will not affect the volume of deliveries from the Taiwanese chip maker.

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“In recent years, the global semiconductor industry has created a complex and interconnected supply chain. If there is a failure in this chain, it will definitely affect the whole market, and how exactly it is still unclear, ”San said in her speech at the last technology symposium yesterday.

The world's largest chip maker "TSMC" supported Huawei

Thus, according to Chinese sources, the production of the Kirin 985 mobile platform for future flagships of Huawei will not be in jeopardy. The TSMC did not specify whether it is a question of temporary deliveries of ARM processors until the end of the US sanctions delay. It is possible that future CPU models Kirin will be built on the basis of cores from other manufacturers. About maintaining partnerships with Huawei also said Lenovo and Toshiba.

Earlier it was reported that the release of a new generation of smartphones of the Mate line is scheduled for October 2019. But even with the successful solution of hardware problems, the manufacturer will have to face the problem of licensing gadgets to Google, which has already announced the termination of relations with the former partner. It is not excluded that unannounced Huawei devices will receive an alternative operating system of their own design.

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Source: Reuters

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The world's largest chip maker "TSMC" supported Huawei
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The world's largest chip maker "TSMC" supported Huawei
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