December 1, 2022

There are a lot of stereotypes about the technical “knowledge of” iPhone buyers – and the American retailer Decluttr checked some of them in practice. In a special survey of owners of gadgets of popular brands, including Apple and Samsung, they asked to indicate the name and main features of their device. The results were very mixed.

Statistics: some iPhone owners do not know the “name” of their gadget

In a survey that captured 2,000 participants of different ages, it turned out that 56% of the owners of the iPhone XR and iPhone 7 could not correctly identify the name of their gadget. The same difficulty was encountered by 54% of iPhone 8 users and a little less than 50% of the owners of the more expensive iPhone X and XS. For comparison, 71.32% of Samsung Galaxy S9 + owners were able to correctly identify their smartphone model.

Statistics: some iPhone owners do not know the “name” of their gadget

It is noteworthy that 86% of iPhone X, XS and XR buyers also did not know that their device supports NFC, and almost half of the same respondents didn’t suspect that their devices are waterproof (IP68 protection class for X and XS, IP67 for iPhone XR).

Statistics: some iPhone owners do not know the “name” of their gadget

In addition, at least one-third of iPhone owners were confident that their devices support work in 5G networks. However, in this respect, Samsung smartphone buyers even surpassed the “rivals”. Many of those polled noticed “improvements” in the work of the mobile network with the appearance of news about the beginning of the test operation of 5G networks in the USA.

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A source: PhoneArena

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