September 16, 2021

Magnificent smartphone Sony Xperia CyberShot with frameless screen

At the end of September this year it became known that the Japanese corporation Sony is preparing for a big change in the market of mobile devices. Her leadership understands that it’s impossible to continue to produce outdated smartphones, including flagships equipped with IPS screens and boring design of the case.

In this regard, the manufacturer promised to launch a new line of mobile devices, which will be shown to the public in the first half of 2018, that is, very soon. Today, a magnificent smartphone Sony Xperia CyberShot was shown on video and photos.

Sony Xperia CyberShot For (2018) First Overview!

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Although there is no exact information about Sony’s new smartphones, it’s obvious that they should get a frameless screen on almost the whole front side, a stylish updated case, and also get a dual main camera. Today, the flagship model, which is called the Sony Xperia CyberShot, was shown on video and photos from all sides. The source, who published this data, claims that this will look like the new Japanese flagship.

Sony Xperia CyberShot For (2018) First Overview!

As you can see, the body of this mobile device Sony Xperia CyberShot is made of metal, and on its front, there is a frameless screen that occupies the entire space from the left to the right edge. In the lower and upper indentations, there was a place for stereo speakers, which produced the first-class sound. In addition, over the screen, you can consider several sensors, a speaker, and a front camera.

Sony Xperia CyberShot For (2018) First Overview!

On the right side of the Sony Xperia CyberShot case there are several buttons, one of which has a fingerprint scanner built in, and on the left, there is a volume rocker. The bottom of the smartphone body can boast only a USB Type-C connector, while the audio connector for headphones is located on the top of the stylish metal case.

Sony Xperia CyberShot For (2018) First Overview!

The most interesting thing is the Sony Xperia CyberShot back cover since it has a double main camera with a vertical arrangement of modules. Right below it there was a place for some special sensors responsible for the camera. Even lower is the inscription Cyber-shot. By the way, this designation can be found in digital cameras Sony, which it produces since the 1990s.

Sony Xperia CyberShot For (2018) First Overview!

Alas, there is no information on the technical equipment of the Sony Xperia CyberShot yet, but it’s obvious that since it’s the flagship, it should get the top 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 6/8 GB of RAM, and as an operating system The system will be guaranteed to be used by Android 8.0 Oreo.

Sony Xperia CyberShot For (2018) First Overview!

Now the question is only how much the data published by the source correspond to reality? The answer to this question should appear in the very near future when insiders will begin to share new details about the new flagship of Sony and other mobile devices under this brand.

Earlier it was reported that for the flagship smartphone Sony Xperia XZ Premium released the operating system Android 8.0 Oreo, which is already available for download and installation to all comers.

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