September 29, 2022

150 megapixels and triple optical stabilization. This is the characteristics of the camera attributed to the future flagship Samsung Galaxy S21. This model is Samsung’s promising flagship, replacing the Galaxy S20.

NEW Samsung Galaxy S21 (2021) getting Huawei's SoC for smartphones

Rumors about the 200- and even 600-megapixel cameras Samsung is working on are likely to have a real basis, but they are still far from being used on smartphones. But the 150-megapixel camera may very well appear soon. She is just credited with the Galaxy S21 – Samsung’s new potential flagship.

Why it will not be the Galaxy S30 is still hard to say, but such a smartphone designation appears in the leak data. Reportedly, Samsung missed something in the Galaxy S20 camera (in particular, it concerns autofocus), so the camera of the potential Galaxy S21 is, in a way, work on bugs.

In particular, she is credited with the lack of a laser AF assistant, but the 3D ToF camera module will be preserved.

There will be four sensors in the rear camera (in addition to ToF). The resolution of the main one will be 150 megapixels, a 64-megapixel sensor will be connected to the telephoto lens, a 16-megapixel sensor to the wide-angle one, and finally a 12-megapixel sensor to the macro lens.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 (2021) with new innovative features

At the moment, two versions of this camera are being tested. The first assumes the presence of an optical stabilization system in the main module and the module with a telephoto lens, as well as in the front camera, the second is a triple OIS in the main and wide-angle modules, as well as a module with a telephoto lens.

At the moment, this is pure speculation, but as you know, there is no smoke without fire. Most likely, such work is really underway at Samsung, but the exact camera specifications of the potential Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30) will be determined later.

Other phone specifications, features, and exact prices of the smartphone are not officially disclosed.

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 (2021) new camera features revealed
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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 (2021) new camera features revealed
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 with150 megapixels and triple optical stabilization. The characteristics of the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 2021 leaked.
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