December 1, 2022

While the whole world is waiting for the announcement and launch of such a novelty as the Galaxy S11, the South Korean corporation is already creating a new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 11, that will be more advanced in all respects.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (2020) changing trending feature

The first details appeared on the network about how such a long-awaited new product as the Samsung Galaxy Note 11. That will be credited with advanced technical equipment, due to which it will be as attractive as possible in all respects, but it will be this top-level phone and something else that will definitely shock everyone because users have never seen anything like it in an Android smartphone. The only question is how efficient the upcoming innovation will be.

As the Taiwanese DigiTimes resource writes with reference to its sources in the supply chain, the new Samsung flagship, which is announced in August-September 2020, will receive a new type of biometric protection. So, the brand management considers it necessary to abandon the use of an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner because of the large number of criticism addressed to it, and it is planned to replace it with more promising technology.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (2020) changing trending feature

It is a 3D-technology for scanning the face, which is now used in the iPhone X, XS and 11, called at the same time Face ID. It’s about her clone, which will fully work within the Android platform.

To provide this new feature, Samsung wants to install an advanced front-facing camera in the Galaxy Note 11, complemented by a ToF sensor. Due to this, it will be possible to easily and simply take three-dimensional pictures and record video, which is necessary for a full Face ID scanner, although it will certainly be called differently.

There is no way to deceive such technology with the help of photography, because the sensor will check the image for three-dimensionality, and any photo, as you know, is flat. Due to this new development, the South Korean corporation will be able to completely abandon the use of fingerprint scanners, just like Apple products, which have not been installed in these since 2017.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (2020) changing trending feature

This information is not commented on by Samsung at all, so you need to relate to it with a bit of doubt. The publication is convinced that if the brand actually implements the Face ID analog in the Galaxy Note 11, the company will not abandon the fingerprint scanner integrated into the display, since this electronics manufacturer has always striven to make its own branded products as functional as possible, especially against the backdrop of many competitors.

It is unlikely that in 2020 his views on this subject will change, so the rejection of an ultrasonic sensor for fingerprint reading is extremely unlikely. Information on this subject should become clearer closer to next summer.

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A source: DigiTimes

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (2020) changing trending feature
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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 11 (2020) changing trending feature
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