September 18, 2021

Google barely had time to present the first test version of Android 11 and announce the roadmap for updates, but gadget manufacturers immediately started testing the new OS on their devices. So, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has already appeared in the Geenbench database under the control of the latest revision of the “green robot”.

According to network sources, the leak indicates the beginning of internal testing of Samsung smartphones to accelerate the release of fresh firmware immediately after the release of the OS. Developer Preview builds help developers and manufacturers try out the new OS and adapt their applications and smartphones to it.

Samsung tests OS Android 11 Galaxy smartphones

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Earlier, Google representatives noted that the upcoming intermediate versions of Android 11 will be intended for developers and are not recommended for ordinary users.

According to rumors, not only users of last year’s Galaxy S10 series can count on upgrading to the latest version of the mobile OS, but also owners of the Galaxy S9 line of smartphones, introduced in 2018. However, the company has not yet officially confirmed this information.

Also, Officially announced the first Xiaomi smartphone to receive Android 11

Just last week, Android 11 was launched for developers. The general manager of the POCO brand in India wrote on Twitter that Xiaomi POCO X2 will be updated to Android 11.

Samsung tests OS Android 11 Galaxy smartphones


It is reported that the new Android 11 aims to improve interaction with the screen, network, and privacy:

  • First of all, Android 11 is optimized for curved screens. According to foreign media reports, Google has specifically introduced a new API with which application developers can fine-tune the interaction mode with the curved edges of the display. This is necessary to eliminate distortions and errors in displaying content on curved faces;
  • Secondly, Google introduced the “Bandwidth Assessment API”. Android smartphones can intelligently evaluate the link bandwidth of the current network without having to run repeated tests to retrieve data.
  • This will work not only in 5G networks;
  • Finally, in terms of privacy, Android 11 sets the “allowed only this time” setting for three types of permissions: location, microphone, and camera. This single authorization is valid in the operation of the application and when it is closed, the conditions are no longer met.

As usual, the great features of Android 11 will be discussed at the Google I / O conference.

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Samsung tests OS Android 11 on Galaxy smartphones
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Samsung tests OS Android 11 on Galaxy smartphones
Report: Samsung tests OS Android 11 on Galaxy smartphones. Google barely had time to present the first test version of Android 11 and announce the roadmap
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