September 16, 2021

Samsung announced the date of the presentation of the new best smartphone on Android

No matter how hard the electronics manufacturers from China tried, they still haven’t been able to produce the most technologically advanced equipment in the world on the smartphone market. This is released by Samsung, adding in its flagship phone models support for the latest technology, as well as, in addition, a lot of other features.

Samsung's new best smartphone 2019 released date announced

This electronics manufacturer announced the presentation date of its new smartphone, which promises to be the best among all those working on Android, and the new product will be called Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Publication of CNet, citing its sources within the South Korean corporation, claims that only a few weeks are left before the presentation of the new “king of flagships” because it will take place on August 7, 2019, and it will be held in the USA.

Samsung's new best smartphone 2019 released date announced

The novelty is announced in the sports arena of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Samsung is going to invite journalists from all over the world to this event, all of whom will definitely want to attend this event, and it will gather thousands of people. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be shown directly to the public, revealing all the details about this mobile device.

It is known that the smartphone will be released in two versions, the base of which will get a 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED-screen and a triple main camera, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with the Pro prefix will be able to please all buyers with a 6.75-inch display, and quad main camera on the back cover.

In both cases, the case of the mobile device will be made of tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6, which is the newest and most modern in the entire industry. New items promise to be the first mobile devices of the South Korean corporation, which will not get a 3.5 mm jack if we talk about flagships.

Samsung's new best smartphone 2019 released date announced

Also, according to the source, at the upcoming event should tell about the fate of a folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold. It is possible that in the framework of the presentation Galaxy Note 10 will call the exact date of commencement of sales of a mobile device with a flexible screen because it has not yet been on sale, although it should have been back in April.

This was due to very significant flaws in its design, as a result of which this phone was out of order only a few hours after its use. Where engineers of the South Korean corporation looked before – is unknown.

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