November 24, 2022

According to the latest news, Samsung ISOCELL HP3 is another 200MP image sensor that is expected to use in Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship smartphone. The company does not abandon the idea of ​​​​producing sensors with a higher resolution.

Over the past two years, the resolution of the main camera module of flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphones has remained at 108 megapixels, but according to Korean sources, next year with the release of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, things may get off the ground, as a camera with a resolution of 200 will debut onboard the smartphone. megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra New Design and Latest Features 'Confirmed'

The number of megapixels is one of the old and hackneyed (hack-need) marketing techniques that are still actively used in the market. It is built on the principle “the more the better”.

Samsung especially likes to offer a large number of megapixels in its sensors, which was the first to offer a 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP1 sensor on the market. So far, there is not a single smartphone on the market with it, but this does not affect the company’s plans to continue producing sensors with record resolution.

There was a message that Samsung is working on a 200MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor. There are no technical details about it. Only the resolution is known and it is said that the main bet will be made on the improvement of computational algorithms and Nonacell pixel binning technology.

According to Business Korea, in the structure of the Korean conglomerate (kin-glomo-rate), two competing structures are responsible for the development of camera modules: Samsung Electronics itself and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra New Design and Latest Features 'Confirmed'

The former accounts for approximately 30% of the production program, while the latter controls 70% of the output of core products. Tellingly, Samsung Electronics was the first to develop a 200-megapixel module for the new flagship. It is not a fact that a camera with such characteristics will go to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone, but the technical conditions for this have already been created.

This fall, Apple will introduce a family of iPhone 14 smartphones with upgraded cameras, which is expected to push Samsung Electronics to respond. At the beginning of next year, the Korean giant may decide to release the flagship smartphone Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200-megapixel camera, for the first time in four years, seriously updating the characteristics of such devices in this part.

Rumor has it that Samsung will equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200MP main camera. Companies like Motorola, Vivo, and Xiaomi, who are working on mobile devices with it, have shown interest in a sensor with a record resolution. It is assumed that Motorola Frontier will be the pioneer, while Xiaomi and Vivo will install a 200-megapixel sensor in mid-range devices.

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Source: Business Korea

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra New Design and Latest Features 'Confirmed'
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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra New Design and Latest Features 'Confirmed'
According to the latest news, in 2023 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will receive a record 200MP new ISOCELL HP3 image sensor that will “the more the better”.
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