November 30, 2022

What will be the next Samsung Galaxy S-series flagship smartphone? Galaxy S11, Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30?

This time fans are waiting for Note series smartphone of the year, of course, Galaxy Note 20. The Samsung Note 20 is gearing up for a war on the iPhone – and the processor is so powerful that it can still be modern when the successor to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S20 enters the market. The presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is expected in mid of this year.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 (2020) will be the main flagship of S-Line

Samsung is obviously designed for the aforementioned Galaxy Note 20 and has just announced new chipsets that it can use to produce more powerful smartphones without taking up too much space in the inside. The new technology allows you to save a small processor size, which leads to more compact and powerful phones.

According to the latest rumors and leaks, the next flagship smartphone of the South Korean company Samsung will be called Galaxy S21, s22 and so on will come out, not Galaxy S11 and the company plans to name the subsequent models of the flagship line.

According to another source, It has been suggested that the next Samsung’s S line in 2021 will be Galaxy S30 series, but this is not so. The manufacturer decided to change the numbering scheme of their smartphones so that the models correspond to the current calendar year.

Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 in 2021: which is the next galaxy?

That is, in 2020, the manufacturer has launched the Galaxy S20 line, a year later the Galaxy S21 line will follow, in 2022 the Galaxy S22 as the Galaxy S20 + smartphones entered to the market. And so on, if by that time the marketing department of Samsung did not come up with something more ingenious.

The company hopes for further development of the technology by releasing a chip measuring only 3 nm. It is possible that we will see these ultra-thin processors in the Galaxy Note 20, which is expected to be released with the Galaxy Fold 2 later this year. Or Samsung will miss the Galaxy Note 20 as a whole and introduce it to the Galaxy S21 next year.

The presentation of the next flagship of this year of Samsung is the Galaxy Note20 series that will launch in the mid of this year. After the Samsung Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22 and so on will come out.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 in 2021: which is the next galaxy?
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Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 in 2021: which is the next galaxy?
Do you know? which is the next galaxy? Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 in 2021. What will be the next Samsung Galaxy S-series flagship smartphone?
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