May 5, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 21 will be demoted. Exynos chips will launch an offensive on the market. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 21 will lose its flagship status. Exynos will start selling in batches.

Samsung’s strategy for the next year may undergo major changes. They promise a sharp change of course in the product line, where the foldable devices of the Galaxy Z series will come to the fore, and they will be considered premium devices.

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Where all the company’s achievements in the field of smartphone construction are demonstrated. Smartphones of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families will fade into the background and will be inferior in terms of equipping the company’s top devices.

The fact that Samsung is tying its future in the premium segment with foldable devices, said the well-known leak supplier Ice Universe. He stressed that the top models that would become the successors of the Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A90 have disappeared from the A-series.

While the Galaxy Note 20, in terms of its characteristics, does not reach the bar that was previously installed by devices of the Note family. According to him, “Samsung may weaken the S and Note series, and the Z series flagships will be the true ones.”

Well, if his prediction comes true, then the revolutionaries inside Samsung have put a dubious undertaking on the line. In their current state, foldable smartphones are still far from perfect, they cannot offer an adequate price/quality ratio.

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These are niche models that currently exist more in order to raise information noise and are experiments in their essence. They certainly won’t become the backbone of sales in the next couple of years. The company plans to make money on middle-class devices and state employees.

In addition, it was reported that the lion’s share of the Galaxy S21 series devices will be built on the Exynos proprietary chip. And the most curious thing is that the company will return to the practice of selling flagship chips on the side. Exynos 1000 will become part of not only Samsung devices, but also smartphones from other companies.

The company wants to become the largest processor manufacturer on the market and is moving towards it. This will be done by increasing sales of branded chips to the side. Amid rising prices for Qualcomm’s flagship processors, Samsung is ready to dump prices and offer its chipsets as an affordable alternative to the Snapdragon SoC.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 21 will be demoted. Exynos chips will launch an offensive on the market. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note21
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