May 5, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – calculation over. Samsung is ready to put the famous Galaxy Note line to rest. Yes, Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Note. Only Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a stylus next year. Galaxy S21 Ultra will be equipped with S Pen to grab the attention of fans of the Galaxy Note line.

South Korean media outlets, citing knowledgeable informants familiar with Samsung’s plans, report that the company has made the decision to equip its flagship line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones with a stylus for the first time next year.

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After ten years of making the famous Galaxy Note phablets with a stylus, Samsung may lose faith in the promise of such devices. The company is ready to refuse to rely on this line of top solutions, so the Galaxy Note 21 may become the last phablet of the company in this legendary series.

Previously, the S Pen was used only in the Galaxy Note line, but this summer there were first rumors that the South Korean manufacturing giant plans to implement major changes in its smartphone division. Recently it became known that Samsung changed its strategy and is now focused on developing smartphones with foldable screens.

As a result, true flagship devices will come with foldable screens in the Galaxy Z line, while the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines will noticeably weaken in terms of features and performance. Against this background, the Samsung Galaxy 21 with a stylus will in any case be very attractive even against the background of the following flexible Samsung models.

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According to a Korean media report, the Galaxy S21 series will include the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra models. At the same time, only the older model Galaxy S21 Ultra will be equipped with the S Pen stylus. Sources also add that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be equipped with an S Pen stylus to attract the attention of fans of the Galaxy Note line, which the manufacturer may refuse.

Qualcomm is expected to unveil the next-generation Snapdragon 875 flagship mobile platform later this year. Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi will be the first companies to launch smartphones based on the Snapdragon 875.

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