September 29, 2022

The end of the mess. Final prices Samsung Galaxy S20

Insider John Prosser over the past few days has twice published prices for Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones, which will be installed in stores of US mobile operators. A week left before the announcement, we also caught the real smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in real life. The camera is just huge.

Samsung Galaxy S20 2020 Final Price

A live photo appeared on the network, demonstrating the premium smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra in all its glory.

Samsung GalaxyS20 will receive the sought-after camera shooting function
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In the photo, the smartphone is shown at the back and not at full height. However, the picture shows the most important thing – the main camera of the flagship. You can make sure that the rectangular block of the camera is simply huge and occupies a significant part of the rear panel.

You can also see the prominent periscope module, the rest of the more modest-sized modules, a flash and an inscription on the “cosmic” 100x zoom. The main sensor on the smartphone will receive a resolution of 108 megapixels, but this is not reflected in the picture.

Galaxy S20 Prices

Initially, it became known what prices will be set in stores of the T-Mobile US network, later prices for Verizon carrier smartphones were confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S20 2020 Final Price

Now the same network informant has received confirmation from an anonymous Samsung employee about the final prices of the Galaxy S20 line of smartphones. So, the basic version of the Galaxy S20 will cost from $ 999, for the Galaxy S20 + they will ask for $ 1,199. Finally, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will cost $ 1399. Once again, these are the final prices from Samsung.

#GalaxyS20 Release Date and Pre-Order

The official debut of the entire series of flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S20 will be held on February 11 at the Galaxy Unpacked event, but the lineup will go on sale only on March 13.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series final prices disclosed before the presentation
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series final prices disclosed before the presentation
The new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 Series final prices disclosed before the presentation. The end of the mess. Final prices Samsung Galaxy S20 revealed.
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