September 29, 2022

Rumors have been hovering around the Galaxy S11 for a long time, Samsung’s new series of mass flagships. And this is natural: unlike the Galaxy Fold for $ 2,000 or the Galaxy Note 10 Plus for $ 1,100, these phones promise to be cheaper and in addition will receive a more modern and powerful platform. Let’s try to put together all the leaks and assumptions that have been voiced to date.

This year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 5G, Note 10 Plus 5G, Galaxy A90 5G, and Galaxy Fold – all of these devices received 5G support. The S11 family will, of course, be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 single-chip system, and in some markets, the Samsung Exynos 990 5G. It is possible that models without 5G support will nevertheless appear in it, but so far this seems unlikely.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 (2020) will be the main flagship of S-Line

As expected, the entire Galaxy S11 series should receive 5G modems. A minimum of three devices will be presented: S11E, S11 and S11 Plus (or S11, S11 Plus, and S11 Pro), respectively, with screens of 6.2 / 6.4 “, 6.7” and 6.9 “. It is alleged that they all get curved edges, unlike the 2019 Galaxy S10E, which had a flat display.

An important question: when will the public see new devices? For many years, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S series of smartphones in late February or early March: sometimes at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​sometimes before, and a couple of times after. If Samsung follows last year’s example, we’ll see the Galaxy S11 shortly before MWC. According to rumors, we are talking about Tuesdays: either February 11 or 18. Soon after, the company will begin to take pre-orders.

So what can we get in the Samsung S11 in terms of design? It is argued that there will certainly be rounded edges that have become a feature of the Galaxy S brand, but with a more rectangular look in the style of Galaxy Note 10. Also, we are talking about a thin body and curved edges for all models, unlike the Galaxy S10E flat screen. The array of cameras can become square, sit on the left and protrude strongly in the spirit of the iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4. Let’s hope this is not so.

Now the fun part is the camera. They say that Samsung will equip the Galaxy S11 series (or at least one of the options) with the main camera with a sensor of 108 megapixels. It sounds a little crazy, although Chinese Xiaomi has already released the Mi CC9 Pro smartphone, which uses a 108-megapixel camera. By the way, Snapdragon 865 supports working with modules up to 200 megapixels, so Samsung has no technical obstacles. But it is argued that the 108-megapixel camera in the Galaxy S11 will supposedly be more expensive and advanced compared to that used in Xiaomi (ISOCELL Bright HMX 1 / 1.3 “).

Among other features of the rear camera are mentioned, at a minimum: an ultra-wide-angle module; module with a periscope-like telephoto lens, 5x zoom and 48MP sensor; as well as a ToF volume capture sensor. There were also rumors about such new Galaxy S11 camera features as Single Take Photo (probably this is an automatic intelligent selection of the most successful photo from the series), Night Hyperlapse (night accelerated shooting), Director’s View (a certain directorial mode) and 8K video support. By the way, Snapdragon 865 really supports 8K video recording.

As for the front camera, it is expected that it will be single and will be placed in the perforated opening of the screen.

The screens of the new Samsung flagships will be able to work at a refresh rate of 120 Hz – this is designed to make the animation and scrolling much smoother than at today’s 60 Hz frequency. Although the refresh rate of 120 Hz is great for games and other quick transitions (even 90 Hz, as in the OnePlus 7T, adds visual comfort), this mode will affect battery life. Fortunately, the Galaxy S11 will also enable the classic 60 Hz mode.

It is alleged that the most representative of the series, Galaxy S11 Plus, allegedly will receive a battery of 5000 mAh. For comparison: the Galaxy Note 10 Plus battery has a capacity of 4300 mAh, and at the same time the device boasts very good autonomy. If the rumors are true, such progress cannot but rejoice – I would like, however, so that the weight of the device does not go beyond 200 grams.

The idea of ​​a fingerprint scanner built into the screen looks interesting at first glance, but the first solutions of this kind, including the Galaxy S10, left much to be desired in terms of accuracy, speed, and convenience. Surely, the Galaxy S11 will use a much more advanced fingerprint scanner. Perhaps the scanner of the iris will also return to the device, or improved face recognition will be implemented.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 (2020) will be the main flagship of S-Line

There is no doubt that every Samsung phone in 2020 will run on Android 10 with its own Samsung One UI 2 shell, which was announced in October and is now available in beta. But at what price should be expected, the question is not so simple.

Considering that the cost of the youngest modern Galaxy S10E model started at $ 749 at the time of launch, we can suggest that the S11E will be more expensive – all manufacturers transparently hint that for 5G they will have to fork out. The initial cost of the older version of the Galaxy S11 Plus can easily increase to $ 1099 versus $ 999 for the Galaxy S10 Plus 4G.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus: Everything we know about future flagships
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