September 24, 2021

Next year the manufacturer going to launch two amazing flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 11. Perhaps for someone, this will come as a big surprise, but Samsung is one of the largest and most famous manufacturers of various components in the world, both for computers and smartphones. Its units are engaged in the creation of flash memory, RAM, batteries, processes, cameras, and screens.

All this allows the brand to create one of the most advanced phones on the market, because it gets access to the latest hardware for obvious reasons before any other manufacturers, even if the South Korean corporation does not take such a competitive advantage. Data appeared on the network about how phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 will be able to please everyone. They are credited with a whole host of features.

Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 got an important competitive advantage

SamMobile revealed that in the latest beta version of the Android One UI 2.0 firmware, which should be released in a stable final form in the first half of 2020, Samsung has implemented a new feature that users can turn on and off. It is a competitive advantage that many users will definitely appreciate.

The fact is that in future phones of the brand, which is expected to be released next year, a full-fledged AMOLED organic screen will appear, in which the information refresh rate will be at the level of 120 Hz. This value, without any doubt, will be enough for any tasks, including professional gaming.

The higher the frequency of updating information on the screen, the more smooth all animations and abrupt actions will seem, and this will manifest itself everywhere, starting from the operating system interface and ending with films. A special menu was found in the firmware of One UI 2.0, which allows you to enable or disable the high refresh rate of the screen – 120 Hz.

Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 got an important competitive advantage

It should be understood that the faster the display updates information, the faster the energy is consumed. That is why the support of this mode will be “smart”, that is, the smartphone will be able to independently decide when to increase the refresh rate to such a value, and when to do this is not worth it to save battery power.

Smartphones that receive an AMOLED screen with this feature will most certainly be the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11, but some other models from this manufacturer may please customers with such a useful and important “trick”. By default, now all phones are able to display information on the display at a speed of 60 Hz.

For many years this value was enough with a large margin, but the development of technology has led to the fact that they decided to double this value. Currently, Samsung does not have a single phone that could boast of such a “chip”, so such an innovation, without any doubt, will be presented as an important competitive advantage.

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A source: SamMobile

Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 got an important advantage
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Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 got an important advantage
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