July 2, 2021

Galaxy S10 Leak “confirms” Samsung’s unpleasant surprise

Are you excited for the 10th anniversary Samsung Galaxy S10? You should be. Leaks have shown that it has a triple reversing camera, a built-in ultrasound display fingerprint sensor, gradients colors, and 5G option. Nevertheless, there is a very good chance that many will not like the new design.

After Samsung had admitted that it would cover the displays in the new Galaxy smartphones, this would not apply to the Galaxy S10. Samsung’s add-ons shown last week included a “no display” model display, which is widely used for this particular 10-anniversary smartphone.

But no.

In a few tweets posted by, Ice Universe – perhaps the most influential Samsung Leaker today – revealed that the New Infinity will not be ready in time for the Galaxy S10.

“The hidden technology of the camera under the screen is immature and not enough light to get through the screen to the camera. Photos taken with the current camera are very blurry. This technology will not be implemented until 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - THE INFINITE FUTURE 🔥🔥🔥

Instead, Ice says he understands that the Galaxy S10 will use “Infinity O,” a display with a single circular cutout for the camera, which is in a very strange location.

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Of course, this should look better than a short label (especially if it’s centered), but this also confirms the further limitation of the Galaxy S10: there is no room for a face recognition sensor. And the leak last week said that Samsung will compete for the new technology, the Face ID, which has evolved over the years.

Samsung will also release a without headphone jack phone next year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - THE INFINITE FUTURE 🔥🔥🔥

Consequently, the Galaxy S10 may well be a polarizing device, like that of many predicted phones that conquered everything. It also offers users ultimate ways of trading favorites such as headphone jack, cut-out design and facial recognition for the built-in reader, three cameras and new colors.

And these are not the compromises that many loyal Samsung fans expected.

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