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The new upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks and rumors: 5G, a fingerprint reader on the screen and a new display

Samsung Galaxy S10, which have been given a really cool code name, which is up to date to see the light in February 2019, something we know about the next handset in the S10-series Samsung (with S10, S10 Plus another Entry-level model could be Galaxy S10 Mini) of Galaxy smartphones?

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We expect Samsung to follow tradition and announce the Galaxy S10 in the first quarter of 2019: most likely in early March or late February and the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We know that the MWC 2019 will kick off on February 25 and the press day is usually a day earlier, a reasonable bet on the fact that the Galaxy S10 will open on Sunday, February 24th.

This date corresponds to the date of release of earlier Galaxy S phones, although Samsung does not always use MWC as a platform.

Galaxy S9 was released at an event on February 25 (2018), Galaxy S8 was released on April 21 (2017), and if we look back a little, Galaxy S7 was released on March 12 (2016).

A recent report says that the S10 will launch at CES in Las Vegas in January 2019, but we accept this particular rumor with a big pinch of salt. That’s why.


Since Samsung Galaxy S was released in 2010, Samsung adheres to a simple and intuitive naming system that continues to work with the Samsung Galaxy S2 to S9, where we are now.

Therefore, it would be a natural step for the Galaxy S 2019 to call it Galaxy S10, but it could not be that way.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯
Samsung Galaxy S10 By Science and Knowledge

At a press conference February 26, 2018, reported by The Investor, president of Samsung Mobile Co. Dongzin said Galaxy “Although Samsung adheres to the” “we think if we need to support S nickname or enumeration.”

The best bet on the name, if it is not the Galaxy S10? Some people claim that the iPhone-like name of the Galaxy X may be on the cards, though it’s also a winking name for the upcoming Samsung flip phone.

One of the ideas is that all future phones will be called Galaxy Galaxy X with the release year thereafter, but it very quickly becomes very confusing. Samsung will probably wait until the last moment to give us a new name, but if it’s the end of the line for the nickname Galaxy S, it probably had a good run.


All we’ve heard so far is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series features three different models that now have the code names “Beyond 0”, “Beyond 1” and “Beyond 2”.

These models consist of galaxies S10 standard size of the 5.8-inch display, which is a device Β«Beyond 1″ super dimension Β«Beyond 2Β» S10 + (or Plus) with a large display and budget, beyond 0’S10, which becomes flat Display, not bent endlessly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯

Like screen size and type, since different S10 phones have internal value, they also differ, with some S10 features (see below for details), only for the upper levels.

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Interestingly, the latest rumors have suggested that S10 + (or Plus) is a 6.44-inch screen, which is actually more than expected in the Fable Note 9. The idea is that this ultra-thin frame, and the minimal cut making a big screen possible without causing a disaster.


With reliable contact, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will allow you to rip through the Internet and your applications faster than ever before, as it is configured as one if not the first super-fast 5G smartphone.

User Weibo “Ice Universe”, which has a good track record when it comes to leaks of sensitive tidbits the Samsung, has shown that the Galaxy S10 comes with 5G next-generation technology on board.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯

This makes sense as Qualcomm and Samsung recently announced a strategic business relationship specifically related to the “transition to 5G”. Users of the Galaxy S10 should, therefore, be able to take advantage of the higher internet speeds that 5G offer.

Will be 5G technology and running for next year in your part of the world – is another thing: It is planned that the selected number of British, American and Chinese cities will have it until the beginning of 2019, but it will not be for some time be omnipresent.


Experienced camera Weibo Ice Universe also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a brand new infinity display with an impressive ratio of “screen-casing” has 93 percent (Figure S9 83.6 percent this year). This frame goes back further.

The Ice Universe later on Twitter on May 14 reported that the S10 screen is rumored to be “over 600 PPI”. This will be an improvement over the screen in S9, which has a resolution of 570 PPI.

The inclusion of all can be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, according to Rockan Quandt. This brings the expected improved performance and better performance than the current Qualcomm chipset, the same update we receive every year from the last Qualcomm chip.

Typically, Samsung is developing its own Exynos chip for its Galaxy S phones in certain markets, as was the case for the S9 in Europe with the Exynos 9810, and is expected to do so in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯

As for Snapdragon 855 or the next Exynos chipset, expect more nods next time to process AI. Everything indicates that a module of neural processing (NPU), similar to that of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, will be included, ready for the complex processing of AI and 3D.

The Galaxy Note 9 will probably not be a big step forward in terms of specifications from the S9 and S9 Plus, but there may be a few more pointers to the Galaxy S10. The Phablet platform is expected to hit the market this summer.


Although we have not seen on the screen fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S9, it is rumored that the technology was tested for inclusion in one of the next grade 9, while this whispers with a reputable saxophone Samsung Ice Univers, as proved wrong that “almost certainly Note9 no FOD [fingerprint reader on display]”.

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Where was interesting that the screen technology of the fingerprint reader, despite the fact that it was reported shortly before the conclusion again for the Galaxy S10, which means that numerous tips that we have heard, reminiscent of how Sensor fingerprints will work and where they are located was indeed merits.

So, now it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S10 may be the first Samsung phone with innovative technology, which in turn looks like a place for additional cameras.


Samsung always likes to focus on cameras, and with Huawei, increasing the rate on a three-processor camera on the back of the Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung will want to answer. More lens? More aperture settings? Is bad light output better? Everything looks like it could be on maps in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯

This is because there have been reports that first S10 + five cameras, and then, second, Galaxy S10, and the front and rear two-lens arrays are connected by a special rear ultra-wide-angle lens.

These rumors of additional cameras also, which apparently supported by the phone industry analysts, the requirements of KBI Securities. Kim Dong-won said Samsung plans to “revive” their business by adding three-cell cell for Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯

As for the other features, it is difficult to understand what else Samsung can add to the existing Formula S9. We know that the folds Samsung phone works, but probably it is fixed in the main line of the Galaxy S. folding unit is sure to be split in the top 5 of the folding phones in 2019.


At this time, it is too early to make accurate predictions about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10. What, do you want us to try it? We could not. Then go on.

In the US, the price for the launch Samsung Galaxy S8 was $ 725, and the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch was a little cheaper $ 720.

In the UK, however, there was an increase in the price of 100 pounds between the two models: S8 started at Β£ 639 and S9 – at 739 pounds.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯

So, our current (! Very early) Guess the price Introduction Samsung Galaxy S10 is that – if you do not make the massive economic downturn or unexpected consumer demand for technology outrageously expensive hold – the price in the US remains stable – $ 725 or so.

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And we can not imagine that the price is going to fall on the level on S10 S10 S8 market, so we put a bet on a British pound coin on the S10, starting from Β£ 749, the ten is more than the S9.

In terms of supply costs and global markets, a lot of time can change. Let’s see if we will be next year.


While we wait, it looks like Galaxy S10 final design, graphic designers based their own renderings on different S10 leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks and Rumors: 'Confirmed' Radical Upgrade πŸ”₯
Samsung Galaxy S10 concept by Jonas Daehnert

More recently, it has been released very tasty image Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘Science and Knowledge’, which presents a full-color luxury smartphone with a triple rear-view camera.

Renderer freelance designer Jonas Daenerta S10 said a transparent back, triple camera lens, and the display indicates fingerprint reader.

And the video shows concept creator Galaxy S10 with a range of next-generation hardware and features, including 2K SuperAMOLED screen, DeX 3.0 wireless connectivity, and frosted glass case.

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