September 16, 2021

Samsung Leak Suddenly Discovers the Radical Galaxy S10

We already know that the Galaxy S10 is Samsung‘s most radical upgrade for many years. The company’s praise is supported by leaks that show a subtle change in shape, a triple reversing camera, a built-in “ultrasound” reader, a quick software update, support for 5G, and the right Face ID contender. And now Samsung fans have been giving what they wanted for years.

Each fertile, ever-mysterious, affectionate cat Samsung’s insider ‘Ice Universe’ confirms that the Galaxy S10 will be offered with a flat screen. The fans have been dreaming of this since the Galaxy S6 introduced curved screens in 2015. However, not all good news.

In the states of Ice Universe, Samsung will launch a 5.8-inch Galaxy S10 with flat and edge displays, but this will only be the “SM-G970” it will receive. It is expected that this will be a completely new entry-level model that will get a better fingerprint reading reader and will miss the triple camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Models

  • SM-G970 5.8 Flat Display
  • SM-G973 5.8 Edge Display
  • SM-G975 6.44 Edge Display

The 5.8-inch SM-G973 and the 6.44-inch SM-G975 have red indicators and the upper linear functions. With the latter comes the stunningly expensive version of 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Coming Back To The 'FLAT DISPLAYS' 🔥🔥🔥
Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

It’s a shame, because edge to edge displays, though nice to look at, are often criticized as impractical.

Their curved sides can deform the operating system interface, as well as record pictures and videos, occasional touches and noticeable impact longevity – so a strong active band always had a flat display (at least until demolition). It is also noteworthy that major competitors were not interested in curved displays.

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Nonetheless, Samsung is still trusted to serve this market and it is a radical step to add a flat display to the production, given the complexity, it will add. So the Galaxy S10 quickly creates lists of wishes fans have been wishing for years. Something that makes sense, considering that the Galaxy S10 is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series.

And besides, we all know that Samsung really has the next generation of displays, almost ready for work.

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