September 29, 2022

So the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 is no longer interesting: a very beautiful “unboxing” Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra more than six months before the announcement. High-quality unofficial renders and 3D renderings.

Samsung Electronics recently announced the date for the announcement of the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. Meanwhile, the reputable resource LetsGoDigital decided to “unpack” the next flagship Galaxy, which will be presented closer to the fall – Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra.

These are not official images, but materials created for clarity. The visualization was done by Italian designer Giuseppe Spinelli, who goes by the nickname Snoreyn and joined the LetsGoDigital team over a year ago.

According to the source, the Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra will retain the 6.9-inch diagonal of its predecessor, an AMOLED screen with QHD + resolution, and a configurable refresh rate from the image up to 120 Hz.

The maximum frequency will be available for maximum resolution, not just Full HD, as was the case with last year’s Galaxy S20 and Note20. The brightness will be increased from 1500 to 1600 kn / m2. The screen edges will be curved instead of flat like the S21 line.

The smartphone will not be transferred to a plastic case, the metal frame and glass panels will remain. And of course, S Pen compatibility will remain, including a dedicated compartment on the body where the stylus can automatically recharge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra has an improved front-facing camera, possibly 40MP, with the ability to switch to 10MP in tough shooting conditions. There is no exact information regarding the main camera yet.

You can also confidently expect the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform for the US and the Exynos 2100 for Europe. But hope for a 3.5 mm audio jack and a slot for microSD memory cards is not worth it.

Other phone specifications, features, and exact price and launch date of the smartphone is not officially disclosed, but, according to some rumors, the future Galaxy Note 21 Ultra 5G will launch before August 2021 and it will be priced around $1300 USD.

LetsGoDigital has been known for its high quality renders based on patents from various companies and leaks for many years. Including, the same Spinelli created a year ago created an impressive visualization of the Xbox Series X console.

Also in the arsenal of the source are accurate renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra-long before the announcement, and much more.

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Source: Let’sGoDigital

This is Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra 5G (2021) - Forget Galaxy S21
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This is Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra 5G (2021) - Forget Galaxy S21
So the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 is no longer interesting: a very beautiful "unboxing" Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra more than six months
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