September 16, 2021

Galaxy Note smartphones have always occupied a special position in the Samsung model range. And the new, 10th generation should please fans of the brand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release date

A promising model, according to a number of sources, has been code-named DaVinci and is currently under development. According to rumors, the new flagship from Samsung the Galaxy Note 10 will be presented in the third quarter of 2019. As instituted by Samsung, they will first show the “compact” Galaxy S10, at the beginning of next year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Release Date and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price

During the August conference with investors, the head of Samsung Electronics, JJ Koch, spoke about the revision of the flagship line of smartphones. In 2019, the Galaxy Note 10 will not be the most expensive device of the company, a more premium product will appear, which will cost more than 1500 thousand dollars, which is higher than the maximum cost of the actual Galaxy Note 9 model, which has a 512 GB drive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specifications

Authoritative Chinese insider Ice Universe revealed on Twitter some of the details of the 2019 smartphone. So, the Galaxy Note 10 will receive an AMOLED display with a usable area of ​​6.66 inches. In Samsung, they listened to the market trend and reduce the frames around the display – more elongated proportions of 19: 9 or 19.5: 9 will help make the device more compact than the Galaxy Note 9. But whether the new Samsung will receive a screen bang is not known.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Release Date and Specs

According to the Korean edition of ETNews, the company made a critical decision on refusing the 3.5 audio jack. The first model, where wired headphones can only be connected via Type-C, should be exactly Galaxy Note 10. The saved space in the case will be used to increase the battery or on-screen fingerprint scanner. The main “trick” series of the stylus S Pen remains in the smartphone.

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It is expected that the Galaxy Note 10 will receive a triple module of the main cameras, the presence of which is confirmed by sources in the future Galaxy S10.

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