October 20, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can lose all physical buttons

The official premiere of the flagship family of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is over, the next major novelty from the South Korean giant is the tenth generation Galaxy flagship the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The network has new details about the upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10, whose announcement can be expected only closer to the fall. Information shared Korean resource ETNews.

The latest rumors indicate that his company is announcing within the framework of the chronological tradition of the brand that has developed in recent years.

According to the information of The Investor website, which refers to industrial sources, the start of mass production of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is scheduled for the beginning of August 2019.

This means that, depending on the region, Note 10 will go on sale in late August or early September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Another BIG Change !!!

As for the characteristics of the upcoming news, they still continue to rely on rumors and information leaks from various sources. It is expected that, like the Galaxy S10 +, the device will receive a dual front camera, “embedded” in the display.

But, unlike the premium S-series, the rear camera will not be triple, but quadruple. As the fourth module, the ToF (Time-of-Flight) 3D sensor is mentioned, which is designed to implement the functions of augmented reality.

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According to preliminary information, another feature of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 promises to be a completely buttonless design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Another BIG Change !!!

This means that all physical keys, including those that control the volume and lock of the device, will be replaced with touch analogs located on the display or on the ends of the phone. Partially their functions can be assigned to voice commands.

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