June 10, 2021

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date, price, camera, NEW leaks and rumors

Samsung is working hard on the new Galaxy Note 10 with 5G technology and an S-pen.

Samsung recently completed the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and the curved Galaxy Fold, but we are looking forward to a brand new 10th grade.

We do not expect Samsung to break the rules this year. Therefore, it is likely that a phone equipped with a stylus will appear on the scene in July or August. Similarly, we expect that Samsung will switch to double-digit numbers in the Galaxy Note line, as is the case with the Galaxy S – despite earlier rumors, this will lead to something completely different, for example, Galaxy X or something else.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, announced in August 2018, is a stunning mobile phone with a beautiful design and many useful features to increase productivity thanks to the powerful S Pen Pen. So how does Samsung want to optimize its next performance output? Sentence? Read on and find out everything that we still know.


Unfortunately, recently we have not been able to sneak up on Samsung meetings. Therefore, we can only speculate. However, it’s safe to say that the Galaxy Note 10 will break in August 2019 – exactly one year after Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note 9. It is also five months after the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. This gives these new phones plenty of time to take effect before the next Samsung flagship.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

As for the price of the Galaxy Note 10, you can save: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was sold for 899 pounds sterling for the lowest configuration, and there is no reason to believe that the successor will receive a price reduction.

At the same time, the Galaxy S10 costs from 799 pounds sterling for built-in memory of 128 GB and 999 pounds sterling for a model with built-in memory of 512 GB. The Galaxy S10 Plus, which we suspect will be closer to the Galaxy Note 10 in terms of screen size and technical specifications, will cost $ 899 for a 128 GB model and a maximum of $ 1399 for a 1 TB memory model with 12 GB of RAM.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 offers support for 5G networks, it may cost more than any of these Galaxy S models.

Samsung has already announced a Galaxy S10 phone with 5G support, which is called the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Unfortunately, there is no pricing information for the 5G model. However, we are willing to bet that this is not cheap.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

The new smartphone provides not only support for next-generation network speeds but also the largest display of all Galaxy S10 models, as well as a new advanced camera with deep sensitivity, the first in the style of bokeh in the style of Live Focus against the background of the video.

Samsung says it will release the Galaxy S10 5G in early summer. We would be very surprised if Galaxy Note 10 did not use at least some of the features of this 5G Powerhouse.


Meanwhile, we know Samsung’s approach to the design of the Galaxy Note series: large phones with minimal frame and curved screens. We would be surprised if we didn’t see the same Infinity O-Display design in the Galaxy Note line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

This allows the screen to fill every corner on the front of the phone, almost completely eliminating glare. The speaker grille is ejected at the edge of the phone, and the selfie camera facing forward is placed in an O-neck in the upper right corner of the screen (hence the name “Infinity-O”).

Transforming the Galaxy S10 into a new design, Samsung managed to squeeze large screens into smartphones without increasing the size of the phone.

According to recent reports in the Asian media, Samsung can increase the screen size to 6.66 inches (6.68 inches) to get ahead of it. Ultra HD 4K and HDR support should also be enabled, making it potentially one of the largest displays on the front of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

A new concept video from the popular YouTube channel “Science and Knowledge” includes a look at the Galaxy Note 10 as you can see images and video here. However, it is too early to talk about the types of shades that will take a giant phone: for Galaxy Note 9 there were three designs, as well as black. Therefore, we could see a similar assortment on the shelves at the end of this year.


The codename “da Vinci” is used recently, according to Samsung, for Galaxy Note 10. This suggests that there is some kind of rethinking. This could mean a complete redesign (Da Vinci was known for its development), or it could be better for creative people – the S-Pen received additional features based on Bluetooth this year, so Samsung will also provide it with another significant update. in 2019?

Inside, it can seriously degrade the specifications – with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Samsung Exynos 9820, which is likely to be on board the Note 10, for ultra-fast processing, video editing, and longer battery life. However, it is possible that the Exynos chipset will be available on time to launch the Galaxy Note 10. Exynos 9825, which will be released later this year, may offer the phone even more power and battery life, as well as 5G networking capabilities.

According to Samsung SamMobile, a reliable blog, the Galaxy Note 9 successor, who allegedly uses the SM-N975F model number in the factory, will have a quad-core camera.

Samsung recently added a third camera on its latest entry to the Galaxy S flagship. If this new Note 10 report is accurate, it looks like the company from Seoul is moving fast when it comes to using additional lenses.

The Galaxy S10 5G, which will be released later this year, will add an enhanced hQVGA 3D camera for depth detection to the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus triple cameras system. However, it’s unclear whether the Galaxy Note 10 has the same four-camera camera like the S10 with 5G support, providing live photo tricks with better bokeh effects, and the effect is transferred to real-time video. first time or new camera system.

Instead, the camera Note 10 may offer some impressive zooming capabilities after Samsung acquired Corephotonics, an Israeli expert in the field.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

Another important technology that needs to be ready: 5G functions. In addition, this is an innovation that is expected in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 phones next year. It doesn’t matter that the actual 5G networks are still in their infancy, because Samsung still gets commendable rights and mobile phones that are fully future-oriented.

AT & T blew up weapons in the United States and announced that it will provide Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 5G support. So, we know that the technology will be built into the phone – this is a rumor that we can already confirm.

However, we heard a disappointing rumor that the Galaxy Note 10 refuses the headphone jack. Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus can be the latest Samsung phones with a 3.5mm audio port, which is a shame (get a USB-C key).


There are still several months before the actual launch of the Galaxy Note 10, and we expect to see many more leaks and useful tips before the big day. At the same time, we cannot harm what we hope the new phone will bring.

Some features that we would like to see and Samsung may want to add, include a larger battery, which can be up to 6000 mAh. Keep in mind that these large touchscreens require a lot of power to ensure uninterrupted operation, and even with the lower power consumption of next year’s chipsets, additional moves later may not go wrong.

In fact, it sounds like Samsung can put a larger battery at 10 by disconnecting the headphone jack. Hopefully, the loss of the usual 3.5 mm audio port will be a consolation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 NEW Design and Leaks - is it better than S10???

It is unlikely that we will get transparent or folding screen technology with this particular device, but we can dream about it. We know that Samsung is working on technologies that make the phone at least translucent, but this kind of innovative innovation may not be included in the Note series this time.

What about a super-strong, self-healing screen? We know that Note phones have always been pioneers in their display technology (remember that the Note series first introduced the curved edges of the screen), so the Galaxy Note 10 may well follow this tradition.

Samsung already has a patent for this technology, so again the only question is whether it will be ready by 2019. At the time, this seems unlikely, but it’s safe to say that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the most advanced Samsung mobile phone ever released.

For more updates and news please stay tuned. Thanks!

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