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Show car Renault Symbioz will talk about the mobility of the future

In the pursuit of mobility in 2030, the way to solve the environmental and urban problems that await us as urbanization grows and approaches the peak in world car sales, all this is the Renault Symbioz concept. His Frenchmen will show at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12. The end of Symbiosis for the letter Z instead of the usual symbiose (fr.) Or symbiosis (English) speaks about the electric drive (such models in Renault carry the prefix ZE ).

New Renault SYMBIOZ Autonomous Driving | Vehicle For Change

The technical component of the project the company will disclose in a week, but while the developers have limited to indicating a constant interaction with the environment, the infrastructure of the road network and the digital lifestyle of people.

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Decipher hints easily: offline mode, permanent connection to the Internet and special services, as well as to networks such as V2V (neighboring machines), interaction with traffic lights, sensors at intersections.

New Renault SYMBIOZ Autonomous Driving | Vehicle For Change

Maybe, there will be a continuous battery charging in motion from a special roadway. On such a system, Renault works together with the company Qualcomm.

Source: Vehicle For Change

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