December 1, 2022

Realme introduces a smartphone with a quad-core camera and 64-megapixel sensor

At today’s Realme inaugural event, the company announced a new device with four cameras on the back. This device is tuned directly to Xiaomi’s upcoming Redmi device with a 64-megapixel rear camera. It also differs from the Realme device with a 48-megapixel camera that we heard about earlier. This means that a number of new specifications are available.

The biggest advantage of this new device will be the camera on which it was installed. One of these sensors is Samsung’s currently hot 64-megapixel ISOCELL GW1 sensor from Samsung, and the other three cameras consist of an ultra-wide-angle camera, a macro sensor, and a depth sensor. There is no information about the front camera, but this is not very important.

Madhav Shet, CEO of Realme India, has confirmed that the company will release three cameras for smartphones ahead of Diwali this year. These three new smartphones will be launched on the market under the Realme, Realme Pro and Realme X series. Shet also took a look at Xiaomi and said that Realme offers the world’s first hands-on experience, not a slide show.

Of course, this practical experience has one significant limitation, namely that it is very shaded to obscure the design and appearance of the device. However, we will carefully review the device’s camera features and phone model (RMX1921). This is interesting because it may indicate that this is a new version of Realme X.

Officially, however, Realme has not announced anything about the new device. We are not sure whether this new device will be released at the upcoming Realme event on August 20, although this is likely to happen. Three devices will be launched on this day. It is very likely that at least one of these devices is this completely new device.

Everything that Realme is preparing for us, we look forward to it. The company has an excellent reputation in manufacturing excellent middle-class equipment, and so far they are not disappointed. It is also nice to see real competition in the medium-sized business market, given that in recent years it has become outdated.

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Realme introduced new phone with quad camera and 64MP sensor
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Realme introduced new phone with quad camera and 64MP sensor
Realme new smartphone with a quad-camera and 64MP sensor officially announced. Realme introduces a smartphone with a quad-core camera and 64-megapixel sensor.
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