December 1, 2022

Rumors and facts about the Samsung Galaxy S10: February 20, Snapdragon 855, 5G features and everything we know about specifications, features, and price

A little over a month before the phone’s launch is left, so many questions remain. Will it support 5G? Samsung has announced that the next Unpacked event will be held on February 20 in San Francisco. And that starts a serious countdown to the Galaxy S10.

From now on we expect that the rumor mill continues to bombard all cylinders. Last week, CES dominated the discussion of the next generation of 5G radio technology. Samsung was quite noticeable at the show and presented a prototype of its future 5G phone. Still, we’re not sure if the Galaxy S10, which is expected to be released on February 20, will support it or not, or maybe there is an option.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor

Regardless of whether Samsung does or not, the 10th edition of the flagship Galaxy S series, and based on known facts and a growing list of rumors, this may well be a deception. The Snapdragon 855 chipset, which will serve as the foundation for the next Samsung flagship, looks like a real beast; Our preliminary test results show that a fast processor leaves the Galaxy S9 and the LG V40 in the dust.

In addition to performance, analysts, experts, and executives capture a picture of the Galaxy S10 with potentially extraordinary features, including an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, Face ID, and an Infinity O-Display. When the Snapdragon 855 justifies its potential and the rumors are true, Samsung can strike – and secure a place on the smartphone stack.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks

If not, the road to the front can be difficult. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, launched last February, did not sell very well. The slowdown in telephone sales is now a threat to any brand. The Chinese Huawei, which has forced Apple to take second place, is putting increasing pressure on Samsung. Despite its own challenges, which include hostility from the US and global governments, Huawei continues to drive sales with innovative products such as the Mate 20 Pro. In the last days of December, Huawei announced the sale of 200 million cell phones in 2018.

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And it’s not just 5G that contribute to the drama. Samsung also has problems with LG, Huawei, and others, with a folding cell phone to be the first to hit the market. We expect examples for both this year.

It hardly takes more than a month for new rumors and prompts to appear. We will continue collecting and evaluating them here, so check back often.

Confirmed: Start February 20 in San Francisco

Samsung discontinued CES 2019 announcing the date and location of the launch of the next Unpacked event. Although he had no explicit reference to the Galaxy S10, he did everything, but with the date of the event, the time and the URL of the live broadcast, which was printed in Figure 10 on his page. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 20, at 11:00 am Pacific time at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Official Advertisement

And when that time expires, Samsung is expected to retire the launch of its future fold-out phone, the Galaxy X, for MWC next week, and will receive a second wave after the launch of the Galaxy S10. If the Galaxy S10 appears, Samsung is expected to ship on March 8, according to a previous report from Gizmodo UK.

Rumors: Three Galaxy S10 phones, including Plus and Lite models
Rumor has it the Galaxy S10 in three configurations:

Galaxy S10: Code name Beyond 1: This model is the same size as today’s Galaxy S9, but with even thinner front panels. It is expected to have a 6.1-inch screen and, according to Leader Twitter Ice Ice, perhaps only three cameras.

Galaxy S10 Plus: codenamed Beyond X or Beyond 2 is the successor to the Galaxy S9 Plus. It will have the largest screen – perhaps a 6.4-inch display – and up to four rear cameras, two front-facing cameras and a large battery. According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10 Plus will have a thickness of 7.8mm and a 4000mAh battery.

Galaxy S10 Lite: possibly code-named Beyond 0. For the iPhone XR, this may be a less expensive device with a 5.8-inch display and fewer hardware decorations. Other rumors are straight edges instead of two curved sides, no unusual fingerprint scanner on the screen and a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 Lite renders based on rumors
Samsung Galaxy S10 by Science and Knowledge

Rumor: The first Samsung 5G phone is called the Galaxy S10 X

The Korean Electronic News website reported that Samsung will launch a 5G version of the Galaxy S10. This phone, known as the Galaxy S10 X, will be released in Korea in March for 800,000-900,000 won. This equates to about $ 715 to $ 800 (from 990 to 1115 Australian dollars or from 555 to 625 pounds sterling). In addition to connecting 5G, the phone is rumored to have several serious features: four rear cameras and two front; 6.7 inches Super AMOLED display; 5000 mAh battery; 10 GB RAM; and up to 1TB of storage.

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The possible coincidence between the Galaxy S10 released on February 20 and the Samsung 5G is unclear. Although CES’s phones were not the focus, HS Kim, head of the consumer electronics division of Samsung, noted that his company was the first to receive FCC approval for its commercial 5G equipment. He also promised that the technology will reach consumers in the United States in the first half of 2019.

Samsung plans to release four 5G phones in 2019 – two for AT & T and one each for Verizon and Sprint. Despite constant rumors to the contrary, we do not expect the Galaxy S10 phones due on February 20 to support 5G. Samsung mobile phone director, DJ Koh, told Korean journalists in November that the first 5G phone was a separate device launched in March for Korean operators. This can be the Galaxy S10 X.

Rumor: Bright night mode for dimly lit photos

Google received the title of Best Android Phone of 2018 with Pixel 3 – mainly due to the exceptional camera technology that gives you great photos even in low light conditions. Now, XDA developers have found evidence that Samsung may be preparing its own version of Google’s night vision feature, Bright Night, which can debut on the Galaxy S10.

Based on the clues found in the code for the recently released Samsung One UI, Samsung is said to have developed a way to obtain bright shots in very dark environments using computer photography. If this is true, this could help the Galaxy S10 fix one of the Galaxy S9’s biggest drawbacks – and put it on a better footing with the best phones to take 2019 photos.

Rumor: new models with large screens

Two days before Christmas, the Ice Universe tweeted screen sizes for five future Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S10 5G version (more on that below) and note 10. This tweet confirms earlier information and, if applicable, assumes that the price will not true will be the only one that will grow in 2019.

With a diagonal of 6.11 inches, the display of the Galaxy S10 will be about 5 percent larger than the Galaxy S9 and the 6.44-inch display of the S10 Plus about 4 percent larger than its predecessor. Note 10 is also displayed for 5 percent more. Rumor has it that the screen of the Galaxy S10 Lite is about the size of today’s Galaxy S9.

Rumor: folding phone “Galaxy X”

Samsung launched a foldable phone at its annual developer conference in November 2018, and rumors are coming in March of a Galaxy Galaxy debut.

Nonetheless, we consider this unlikely given the enormous risks associated with the introduction of a completely new form factor. Despite its unequaled track record, Galaxy S is a trusted brand, and Samsung will not miss the opportunity to talk about the 10th Anniversary Special Edition.

Samsung Galaxy X, F, Foldable Phone 2019

Although many companies talk about it (including Huawei, LG, and others), today there is only one folding phone on the market – the Royale FlexPai. We expect Samsung to enter this market carefully by carefully measuring customer interest before creating a folding design in the main Galaxy S range.

According to rumors, prices rise between 845 and 1765 US dollars

Samsung is ready to follow Apple’s lead and raise prices for the next series of flagship phones. Gizmodo UK reports that the new entry-level Galaxy S10, possibly the S10 Lite, comes with 128GB of memory, and will cost $ 669, or about $ 845. From then on, prices will only increase for standard S10 and S10 Plus, which can incorporate superior camera technology and other better features.

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Here is an overview of the price rumors for each model and each storage level. Note that British prices include a 20 percent tax, so dollar equivalents would not be direct conversions, even if they are accurate:

  • Galaxy S10 Lite, 128GB: £ 669
  • Galaxy S10, 128GB: £ 799
  • Galaxy S10.512GB: £ 999
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 128GB: £ 899
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 512GB: £ 1099
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 1TB: £ 1399

Rumor: The headphone jack of the S10 stays in position

Be aware before removing the headphone jack for granted. The Samsung Galaxy A8S has no. However, it does have a screen that should be displayed in the Galaxy S10 (see below). In October, ET News’ Korean subsidiary announced that Samsung could topple its headset on the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11.

Now, the headphone jack is safe. The case connected to the Galaxy S10 has an opening for a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is sufficient for the media Ice Universe to release a short video with a clear plastic case. Of course, it is impossible to verify the correctness of the design without knowing anything about the business or how this company has received information. Note also the wide horizontal window on the back, into which several cameras can get.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint sensor should be on the screen and “ultrasound”

Qualcomm announced that its Snapdragon 855 chipset supports an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that checks your personality for sound waves. Samsung was a partner on the show and talked to 5G phones. Although the world’s largest phone manufacturer has not said a word about screen readers, there is currently no doubt that Samsung was waiting for this solution.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint sensor should be on the screen and ultrasound

Fingerprint sensors on the screen become a mandatory feature on high-end phones. OnePlus 6T bypassed Samsung and became the first mobile operator in the US. But the rumors, which were enough before the Galaxy S9, tied the function to the Galaxy.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors promise to accurately and reliably capture your fingerprints through water and dirt. We’ve seen how this technology was developed over the years – the video below shows it in action.

Only six cameras for the Galaxy S10 Plus?

According to a report, four cameras beautify the back of the Galaxy S10 and two cameras – at least for the larger plus model -. It is assumed that the “normal” Galaxy S10 has a front lens.

Multiple rear cameras offer more zoom options, smaller details (especially if a camera is a monochrome) and depth mode for portrait mode (“bokeh effect”) and AR.

Only six cameras for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy A9, a four-way phone Samsung announced in Asian markets in October, is helping to hear more.

Samsung can use the A9 as a test environment for design and software before making any improvements to the all-important Galaxy S10. Frequent Twittering Evan Blass suggested that the Galaxy S10 will have three and not four rear cameras.

Will the Galaxy S10 bring upright video mode?

Qualcomm has implemented video support in portrait format on the Snapdragon 855 mobile phone from 2019 onwards. However, this does not guarantee that Samsung uses this technology.

In this case, you can apply a depth-sensitive bokeh effect to video and photo objects. Qualcomm said you could change the blurry backgrounds in these 4K movies to other scenes from the library of options.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Infinity O Displays

More about the hole Infinity-O for selfie cameras

Despite the fact that Samsung has informed the world that it is working on three new cuts for future phones, the company has never developed Infinity-V, Infinity-U or Infinity-O for its Galaxy S10.

At this point, we would be shocked if we saw anything other than the Infinity O-Display, which made a hole for at least one camera lens from a corner. Samsung has officially announced the design in the recently announced Galaxy A8S, a mobile phone for China. However, it is likely that Samsung will release the design on a less important phone in case designers have problems instead of risking their most important phone of the year.

A rendering shows a “blow” to the selfie camera on both sides, but later rumors say it’s on the right when you look at the face of the phone. Blass suggests that the Infinity-O comes to the Galaxy S10.

Something similar Huawei has announced with its Honor View 20 phone, but instead of a hole on the screen Honor View 20 fits the camera under the transparent part of the display. It has not yet been decided if this attitude affects the photo.

Can the Galaxy S10 throw away the Iris scanner and finally receive a 3D Face ID?

When the Galaxy S9 hit the market for the first time, we were disappointed that we did not use a secure 3D depth map to unlock the phone like the iPhone Face ID. Launched in 2017, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip supports displays with 50,000 infrared points compared to 30,000 Apple infrared points. Instead, the Galaxy S9 has retained the secure opening of the bezel and the insecure face unlocking of Samsung, which plays an important role in Android phones.

Maybe it’s time for Samsung to reinforce its face-unlocking game. Rumors say that the Galaxy S10 lost the Iris scanner and received a rival face ID. Qualcomm’s latest chip supports a different kind of face mapping, which is also fairly secure for mobile payments, the Sense ID 3D facial authentication. Maybe this sensor can help Samsung take over the face ID.

In addition to safely unlocking the phone with a face scan, a self-tapping depth camera can deliver the best AR apps and effects, such as the terribly creepy AR Emoji, a rival who walked in front of Apple’s much skillful Memoji.

The Galaxy S10 operates under the control of the Samsung One UI interface on Android 9

Samsung has confirmed to CNET that all future phones, including flip phones, will use the new One-UI interface that Samsung unveiled at the November developer conference. The One UI interface design simplifies the current status of Samsung Experience and tries to group icons together for easier use with one hand. It works with Android Pie, the ninth version of Google’s mobile software, but not with previous versions of Android.

For more updates and news please stay tuned. Thanks!

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