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New Panamera Sport Turismo Event Launched in Prague

The Porsche unveiled the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo and launch regional event in Prague. The presentation of the car Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo was celebrated with an electrifying performance of Porsche ambassador Jimek and an intriguing surprise at the dinner tables as you can see clearly in the event video.

New Panamera Sport Turismo Event Launched in Prague

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo wins new niche

In the family Porsche Panamera – a welcome addition. The Germans introduced the station wagon in the network. After the concept of almost five years ago and prototypes, a serial version of the Panamera Sport Turismo was born. Five versions are proposed at once: Panamera 4 (330 hp), 4S (440 hp), 4S Diesel (422 hp), 4 E-Hybrid (462 hp) and Turbo (550 l) .c.), all – with four-wheel drive. It is not difficult to guess: the units in these versions correspond to those that stand on a simple Panamera.

New Panamera Sport Turismo Event Launched in Prague

One of the most interesting acquisitions of the new Panamera is the active rear spoiler, which, as the developer claims, is for the first time in the segment (the same we expect on the new Cayenne ). It can create a clamping force equivalent to 50 kg, and takes three positions (from -1 degrees to +26) depending on the driving speed, car settings (they affect the threshold) and even opening the panoramic roof. In the retracted position (minus one degree), the spoiler minimizes the aerodynamic drag, and at maximum (with the roof open) reduces the noise of the air flow.

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New Panamera Sport Turismo Event Launched in Prague

Plus versatile versus hatch is not only in a more practical trunk. Promised easier entry/exit and more headroom space on the second row. The backrests are folded in the proportion of 40:20:40. For the luggage compartment, you can order a space management system (two-floor rails, four hinges and a grid integrated into the floor) and a 230-volt outlet.

New Panamera Sport Turismo Event Launched in Prague

According to the chief designer Michael Mauer, Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo for the company is a move into the new segment while preserving all the values and attributes. In some ways, the appearance of Panamera-universal can be called the creation of a segment.

New Panamera Sport Turismo Event Launched in Prague

After all, compare with the new Stuttgart model is top class E-class universals like the recently shown Mercedes-AMG E 63 or the “design” CLS Shooting Brake . But they are still slightly smaller in length and base. The BMW of the fifth Touring series is very close (it has a base at 2975 mm, but its length is 4942 mm).

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