November 30, 2022

After Google released the first test build of Android 11, it turned out that the new version of the mobile OS contains many useful settings and features. One of them, codenamed Columbus, is designed to expand the user experience of gadget owners running a “green robot.”

The innovation is the ability to launch various applications using a double-tap – but not on the display, but on the back cover of the gadget. Details on the operation of such a function are not yet known – presumably, we are talking about the joint use of an accelerometer and a gyroscope for “reading” touches to the body of the device.

OS Android 11 will have a new feature for interacting with a smartphone

According to developers who have already tried Columbus in action, the new input method works even when using a case, although at this stage it’s worth adjusting the sensitivity of the sensors. It is reported that the function is active even when the display is off.

According to rumors, with the release of Android 11, only users of smartphones in the Google Pixel line can take advantage of this unusual opportunity. The approximate dates for the mass distribution of the original option are unknown.

According to the latest rumors and leaks, the only Essential smartphone will receive support for Android 11 Developer Preview, despite the closure of the company.

Not so long ago, Essential, owned by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, announced its closure. The message also said that the latest software update, which will receive owners of Essential Phone smartphones, will be the already released February security update. Now it became known that the smartphone will receive support for the recently launched Android 11 Developer Preview.

OS Android 11 will have a new feature for interacting with a smartphone

This is evidenced by a new branch called r-preview, which was opened by Essential engineers in the repository on GitHub. This commit is intended to make Essential Phone compatible with the generic image of Android 11 (Generic System Image). GSI is an Android system image with an unchanged code that can be installed on any smartphone with Project Treble support.

Confirming the development, Jean-Baptist Theou, a leading systems software specialist at Essential, said on GitHub that developers “need to check the final version of the build for Android 11 before it becomes available to the user community.” After completing the testing phase, Essential will release pre-created images for suppliers, as well as boot and system images that users will install on smartphones before downloading Android 11 GSI from Google.

This means that soon owners of Essential smartphones who have unlocked the bootloader will be able to install Android 11 on their devices, even if in the final analysis there will be no official update to this version of the platform.

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Source: GSMarena, AndroidAuthority

OS Android 11 will have a new feature for interacting with a smartphone
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OS Android 11 will have a new feature for interacting with a smartphone
New upcoming mobile operating system Android 11 will have a new feature interacting a smartphone. After Google released the first test build of Android 11,
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