September 29, 2022

Shortly before the upcoming premiere of the flagship smartphone Find X2, OPPO published an official video demonstrating the display capabilities of the new gadget. As it turned out, in addition to the high refresh rate, the novelty will be notable for a number of other features, including the “television” technology for smoothing dynamic images.

The promotional video is divided into three episodes, each of which emphasizes one of the features of the display of the flagship device. The first focuses on the shape of the screen and the increased refresh rate, the value of which is 120 Hz. The second fragment demonstrates the color rendering capabilities – according to the manufacturer, the matrix of the gadget with support for the HDR10 standard is capable of displaying a billion colors.

OPPO Find X2 revealed capabilities flagship display VIDEO

The third episode of the teaser is devoted to the work of motion compensation technology used by some TVs to display smooth images in dynamic scenes. OPPO Vice President Brian Shen also noted that the maximum brightness of the Find X2 display will be up to 1200 nits.

The announcement of the flagship smartphone was supposed to take place on February 22 at the Mobile World Congress 2020, but due to the cancellation of the event, the manufacturer postponed the release date of the novelty to March 6.

Presentation of the new flagship series of smartphones OPPO Find X2 will be held March 6

Since the organizers canceled the specialized exhibition MWC 2020 due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many smartphone manufacturers were forced to reconsider their plans for the presentation of new devices. In particular, the company OPPO decided to arrange a world presentation of its new flagship series of 5G smartphones Find X2 as part of an online broadcast on YouTube. The presentation itself will be held on March 6.

According to the press service of the company, the creation of the Find X2 series was preceded by research and development, in which substantial resources were invested. In addition, in the process of creating new smartphones, the company studied consumer reviews of its own products. And many of these reviews have been factored into.

The company has not yet disclosed the full technical specifications of the OPPO Find X2 series smartphones. However, we are promised a screen, during the development of which special attention was paid to resolution, refresh rate, color reproduction, and a wide dynamic range. In addition, the Find X2 series offers the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship processor and 5G connectivity. Finally, the manufacturer announces a “custom image sensor” and advanced photography technology.

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OPPO Find X2: revealed the capabilities of the flagship display [VIDEO]
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OPPO Find X2: revealed the capabilities of the flagship display [VIDEO]
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