November 24, 2022

OnePlus 9 fresh leaks: cute, but not exciting. Photos leaked to the network with a prototype OnePlus 9. Yes, the OnePlus 9 5G in big live photos four months before the announcement. Also confirmed the main characteristics of the smartphone.

As is often the case, long before the presentation, photos of an unannounced device were leaked to the network. This time, the photos from the OnePlus 9 were put on public display.

OnePlus 9 (2021) fresh leak reveals characteristics and all-sides of the smartphone

We ourselves are not thrilled with this situation, since the intrigue disappears and the degree of expectation of the novelty falls. But what to do if it has already become the norm that almost everything is known about new devices before the release.

The prototype of the OnePlus 9 became the hero of the images, but everything indicates that this is exactly what the future flagship will look like. A device that will be released only four months later (in March 2021).

Despite all the attempts by the company to convince that nothing has been decided in terms of design, it is very likely that everything is exactly the opposite and the OnePlus 9 will look as shown in the photo and earlier renders.

In general, the flagship design is consonant with the OnePlus 8T with the only difference that the design of the sensors in the main camera will be different. Here they will offer two larger modules and one small one.

Don’t be confused by the strange company logo on the case. It has long been a practice that manufacturers put a strange “stigma” on their prototypes in an attempt to hide which company it is. The proprietary mode switch gave the device an OnePlus creation.

In addition to what was shown in the photo, the author of the leak also voiced the characteristics of the OnePlus9. It all says that the novelty will be awarded a 6.55-inch display with a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels with 120Hz frame rates.

Coming with the most advanced Snapdragon 888 chip, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of permanent memory, and will also offer a front-end for 16 MP and 48 MP sensor as the main one on the back. The device will run Android 11 with a proprietary add-on OxygenOS 11.

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Source: SlashLeaks, PhoneArena

OnePlus 9 (2021) fresh leak reveals features and all-sides of the phone
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OnePlus 9 (2021) fresh leak reveals features and all-sides of the phone
New OnePlus 9 (2021) fresh leak reveals characteristics and all-sides of the smartphone. OnePlus 9 fresh leaks: cute, but not exciting.
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