January 25, 2021

OnePlus again revealed massive upgrades by a reputable source. Yes, OnePlus 8T will receive a display with ultra-accurate color reproduction and many other great features. Also revealed phone specifications, features, price and release date.

According to reports, the upcoming flagship smartphone OnePlus 8T will go on sale on October 14th. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau previously confirmed that the device will receive a 6.55-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. Today he revealed new details about the smartphone display.

OnePlus 8T 5G (2020) first look design with new features and release date

According to him, the device will be able to reproduce colors with incredible accuracy. The panel will receive a JNCD score of 0.3. For example, for the OnePlus 8, this figure was 0.4.

JNCD means (Just Noticeable Color Difference) is used to measure color accuracy. Results in the video 1 are considered very good. Pete Lau said that it was very difficult to change this figure from 0.4 to 0.3.

In addition, the CEO of OnePlus said that the automatic brightness control of the screen will now receive 8192 gradations, instead of 4096 in previous models. He also said that for more precise brightness control, light sensors will be placed on both the front and back of the smartphone.

Up until this point, there were doubts about the refresh rate the OnePlus 8T would support. Pete Lau has confirmed that the OnePlus 8T will have a 120Hz refresh rate display and will be the same size as the company’s previous flagship, i.e. 6.55 inches.

The engineers worked to improve picture smoothness, color accuracy and maximum brightness. As a result, the panel received the highest A + rating from DisplayMate labs.

OnePlus 8T (2020) stunning design, latest features, price, and release date

Presumably, the OnePlus 8T 5G will be powered by the Snapdragon 865+ SoC. Users should be offered versions with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory, as well as with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory. Immediately after launch, the smartphone will run the new Android 11 operating system, on top of which the OxygenOS 11 shell will be installed.

The battery capacity will also be increased. OnePlus should equip the new flagship with a 4500 mAh battery, while the OnePlus 8T will support 65W ultra-fast charging technology.

OnePlus 8T will be presented on October 14, the price can start from around 600 or 700 euros.

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Source: OnePlus

OnePlus 8T 5G 2020: massive updates and features suddenly confirmed
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OnePlus 8T 5G 2020: massive updates and features suddenly confirmed
Future smartphone OnePlus 8T 5G 2020 with massive updates and features suddenly confirmed. OnePlus 8T will receive a display with ultra
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