December 1, 2022

OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max. The speed of the OnePlus, as always, is amazing but the iPhone games are still good

OnePlus smartphones are famous not only for being “flagship killers”, but also for their speed. OxygenOS shell optimization allows the manufacturer’s devices to run faster than most other smartphones.

OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max The OnePlus Speed is Amazing (2)

OnePlus 7 Pro, of course, did not become an exception. There is no automated speed test using the manipulator on the web, but there are the usual manual tests.

Probably one of the most interesting is the comparison of OnePlus 7 Pro with iPhone XS Max.

As you can see, the iPhone XS Max on the background of the OnePlus novelty sometimes seems just a smartphone from another time. Yes, when it comes to games, the situation may change, but with applications everything is clear – the difference is very big. And it is not attributed to differences in the speed of the animation.

The head of OnePlus told why OnePlus 7 Pro did not get a camera embedded in the screen

Recently, manufacturers of smartphones actively reduce the upper and lower frames of the screens of their smartphones, in connection with which the front camera is beaten in various ways. Someone places it in the teardrop-shaped neckline in the central upper part of the screen, someone uses a sliding mechanism.

If the hole could be made tiny, the company would consider this option.

OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max The OnePlus Speed is Amazing (2)

But many have begun to embed the camera in the active area in the upper left or right corner of the screen, as is done, for example, in Samsung Galaxy A8s, Huawei nova 4, Honor V20, Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and other smartphones.

Introduced this week, the flagship smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro has a retractable front camera. The head of OnePlus, Pete Lau (Pete Lau) answered the question from journalists about why they decided not to make a hole in the screen for the front camera.

He said that with the current level of technology development and the size of the front cameras, the hole is too big and noticeable. If you could make the hole tiny, but keep the quality of the selfie camera at the proper level, the company would consider this option.

The head of OnePlus told why OnePlus 7 Pro did not get a camera embedded in the screen

By the way, the company’s general director, Huang Zhang, shares the same opinion about the selfie camera and the lack of a cutout on the Meizu 16s screen. As for the camera, which can be placed under the surface of the screen, as an optical fingerprint sensor, Huang Zhang believes that it is difficult to predict the timing of the appearance of such a solution.

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According to him, today’s technologies related to the transparency of the screens do not allow to achieve good quality photos and videos when using the front camera.


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