September 29, 2022

Zack Nilson has already tested the strength of OnePlus 7 Pro and made an exclusive version with a transparent back, but the blogger did not stop there. He completely disassembled the device to consider its internal layout and, most importantly, determine the degree of protection against water.

Dismantling OnePlus 7 Pro reveals an important feature of the flagship

Disassembling OnePlus 7 Pro, in general, is not a problem. After disconnecting the back cover, all internal elements are easily removed. Such a modular design greatly simplifies the repair of the device.

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SIM card slot, USB Type-C connector, and speakers are protected from moisture penetration into the case. In addition, a blogger found an indicator of water ingestion near the sim card tray, which is standard practice for many manufacturers.

Dismantling OnePlus 7 Pro reveals an important feature of the flagship

Interestingly, the retractable frontal camera also has a rubber gasket that prevents the ingress of liquid. Thus, all the holes in the smartphone are securely protected, even though it does not have an official IP rating, as the head of OnePlus told earlier.

Recently it turned out that in OnePlus 7 Pro, instead of the stated 3-fold optical zoom, only 2.2-fold is used. The manufacturer has already commented on this situation.

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