December 2, 2022

The first owners of OnePlus 5 encountered an unexpected problem

Expected by many flagship smartphone OnePlus 5 was introduced last week. Large foreign editions immediately published reviews praising this unit, but then it turned out that not everything with him so well. First, developers from XDA site suspected that OnePlus 5 shows high results in benchmarks, and then it turned out that the smartphone there is the promise of double zoom . Pit Lau, CEO of OnePlus, recently responded to all criticism towards novelties. But this OnePlus 5 problems did not end there. The first gadget buyers began to complain about an unexpected problem with the display.

When scrolling through lists all the picture on the screen, OnePlus 5 shakes and stretched, thus resembling jelly. The problem is massive, and the official forum has been created corresponding to the topic , where users complain about it. Some even threatened that if the bug is not corrected in a short time, they simply return the device back.

OnePlus representatives stated that they were aware of the problem and they are studying it. The company assures that there is not a manufacturing defect or a defect, and people should not expect an update that would fix a bug, or contact support for exchange device OnePlus 5.

«OnePlus 5 uses the same level of high-quality components, and that all OnePlus device including AMOLED-display. We have received feedback from a small number of users who say that sometimes they notice subtle visual effect when you scroll. It’s natural, and there are no differences between the screens in our devices, “- said the staff OnePlus XDA resource.

OnePlus 5 Encountered an Unexpected Problem

Some suggest that the problem stems from the fact that the company decided to move part of the components in the lower part of OnePlus 5 for installation Dual Camera. However, this information is in no way confirmed.

Since the company has officially stated he did not consider the issue in marriage and will not fix it, the users should think twice whether they are willing to put up with such an operation.

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