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Is There Necessary 8GB Of RAM in OnePlus 5 and Why OnePlus 5 Need 8GB RAM?

Perhaps one of the major competitive advantage OnePlus 5 were scarified and remain impressive 8GB of memory in the top assembly. OnePlus 5 need 8GB RAM because, such a large amount of RAM at first sight seems attractive. But is it good for? Or is this just another publicity stunt and meaningless cheat cost? A popular YouTube-channel Timmers EM1 showed video from which it follows that the latter may well be true.

OnePlus 5 need 8GB RAM and why?

OnePlus 5 need 8GB RAM because, as we can see on the presented video clip by comparing models OnePlus 5 with a volume of RAM 6GB, and 8GB of differences in their work almost imperceptible. Moreover, the “younger” version with 6GB of RAM even slightly superior version with 8GB, running most applications a bit (just for a split second) faster.

OnePlus 5 need 8GB RAM because, it is an indicator of this operational unit power. Much more interesting, as the device with 8GB of RAM to handle “heavy” games. But even here, the answer is the same: almost the same as the model with 6GB. The only difference is that the version with 8GB, with a large memory capacity is held in memory more games and applications. That’s why OnePlus 5 need 8GB RAM.

OnePlus 5 need 8GB RAM, here are gadget price by RAM and internal memory

Recall that the price of the model with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of flash memory – $479. The version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB ROM will cost considerably more expensive – at $539. “Competitive Advantage» OnePlus 5 with 8GB of RAM does not seem so much of a necessity. Whether or not to overpay for such dubious “twists” – everyone decides for himself.

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