September 16, 2021

DxOMark experts tested OnePlus 5 camera, the recently introduced OnePlus 5 certainly was one of the “hottest” new products this summer. OnePlus 4 received a 5.5-inch AMOLED-display, a powerful eight-core Snapdragon processor 835, up to 8GB of RAM, storage capacity up to 128 GB and a battery capacity of 3300 mAh with support for fast charging.

But the main feature of this device OnePlus 5 is its dual camera. In its development participated DxO Labs laboratory professionals involved in the creation of software for image processing and testing PhotoChances different devices. And resource DxO finally published the results of its proprietary camera view OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tested Experts DxOMark

OnePlus 5 Camera Specs

According to these images in this page OnePlus 5 Camera is awesome. Recall that in OnePlus 5 is mounted dual camera 16 megapixel sensor Sony lens with aperture f / 1,7 and an equivalent focal length of 24 mm and an additional 20-megapixel sensor Sony with Stock telephoto aperture f / 2,6 and the equivalent focal length 36 mm. The camera has a 1.33-fold optical approximation and two-fold digital zoom without loss of quality.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tested Experts DxOMark

OnePlus 5 Camera Test, Shooting Images and Videos

DxO specialists thoroughly test the smartphone OnePlus 5 camera on the same pattern in a variety of shooting conditions. As for OnePlus 5, among its advantages when photographing they identified the following advantages:

  • accurate white balance in all lighting conditions;
  • bright and pleasant colors in all lighting conditions;
  • good preservation of detail in bright conditions;
  • fast and smooth auto focus under all lighting conditions;
  • AF is very stable both in automatic and manual mode.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tested Experts DxOMark

OnePlus 5 Camera Test Without flaws and has not done:

  • loss of detail when shooting outdoors in the frame sampling locations;
  • loss of fine detail in low light conditions;
  • halos around the edges of objects when shooting outdoors.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tested Experts DxOMark

OnePlus 5 Camera In the video recording also has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of DxO officers carried the following:

  • good target exposure in all lighting conditions;
  • accurate white balance in all lighting conditions;
  • rapid change in the exposure and white balance;
  • fast, accurate autofocus in all lighting conditions;
  • Good stabilization in all lighting conditions.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tested Experts DxOMark

OnePlus 5 Camera Video recording of the downsides when you may encounter such problems:

  • the apparent loss of low contrast details in all lighting conditions;
  • visible bright and chroma noise in low light conditions;
  • a noticeable shift of the frame with a sharp change in direction during panning.

OnePlus 5 Camera Tested Experts DxOMark

Summing up all the advantages and disadvantages of cameras OnePlus 5, DxO experts predict it is only 87 points, which is at the level of the flagships of 2015-2016. A leader in the rating of the company remains with the evaluation HTC U11 90 points.

Source: XDA Developers

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