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This is not a Vehicle, This is an intelligent Mobility – Nissan Intelligent Mobility: the Nissan IMx concept

Electric show car Nissan IMx pleased with the power. The public is waiting for the Rossau on the platform of the hatchback Nissan Leaf for a long time. It is assumed that in the series the model will be named Terra. And today in Tokyo debuted the concept of Nissan IMx, in whose name “intellectual mobility” is encrypted.

Nissan IMx Official 2017 Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The four-seat electric car Nissan IMx is equipped with two engines in front and behind, which together give out 320 kW (435 hp, 700 N • m). The new battery, located under the floor, provides a power reserve of 600 km or more (in the Japanese cycle JC08). The ProPilot system, which has come “from the future,” allows the autonomous movement of the highest level.

Nissan IMx Official 2017 Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Together with the SUV in Tokyo, the Leaf Nismo concept is presented, as well as a special Canto sound (“I sing”) that will accompany the movement of Nissan’s electric vehicles at speeds of up to 20-30 km / h, warning pedestrians. You can listen to Canto in the video.

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The Nissan IMx concept of interior space with wooden decoration in many respects imitates the Japanese house. Cockpit encircles the display on organic diodes. Artificial intelligence allows the driver to interact with the dashboard through voice, gestures and eye movements. When you turn on the autopilot, the steering wheel is retracted, the seatbacks recline.

Nissan IMx Official 2017 Nissan Intelligent Mobility

We can say that the Nissan show car turned out to be very Japanese. In addition to references to kimonos and traditional dwellings in the car, there are hints of shoji (paper partition separating the rooms), kumiki (wooden puzzle design), as well as a pattern on the seat katana, are (a diagonal pattern, long used in Japan).

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