November 30, 2022

Finally! Sony revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 and showed the first games for the new console

On the night of June 11 to 12, the long-awaited presentation of games for the Sony PlayStation 5 was held. Gamers looked at the “future of gaming” from Sony – and it consists mainly of simple and colorful arcades. But there was a place in this show for really serious and large projects, for which it’s really worth buying a set-top box. And, most importantly, Sony revealed the appearance of the console itself.

Sony PlayStation 5 Official: showed the first games for the new console

Many predicted that Sony would repeat the Microsoft maneuver and make the console in a similar form factor, but no. However, the prefix also has a vertical orientation – the stand prevents it from being put on its side. In addition, the console is very different from its predecessors, who, one way or another, adhered to similar design philosophy and naturally developed the ideas of the old consoles. Sony PlayStation 5 – about elegant forms and futurism.

We figured it out. And what to play on it?

Horizon Forbidden West

Let’s start with the most interesting – large and intriguing releases for hardcore and sophisticated gamers. And the main star of the show was the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. The game will not receive the number “2” in the name: the title is called Horizon Forbidden West. Eloy will face a new threat that promises death to all living things on the planet.

Resident evil village

Will fans of Resident Evil also be pleased … or won’t they? In general, as insiders said, the new game in the series is subtitled Village and will expand the franchise in the direction of the seventh. Gothic castles, evil witches, magic dogs – this is how the new part of the Survival Horror series will appear before gamers.

Gran Turismo 7

Game designer Kazunori Yamauchi delighted all fans of hardcore racing simulations with the full-fledged announcement of the seventh part of Gran Turismo. As predicted by insiders, the game will be one of the starting titles of the Sony PlayStation 5.

Demon’s souls

Fans of self-torture and virtual masochism will certainly be delighted by the news about the announcement of the remake of Demon’s Souls – the first part of the protracted Soulsborne epic, which caused more than one gamepad smashed against the wall. In 2009, the game went almost unnoticed compared to the subsequent Dark Souls trilogy, but is highly appreciated by FromSoftware fans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Apparently, the game is a spin-off of Marvel’s Spider-Man for the Sony PlayStation 5. The main character will be Miles Morales – the black Spider-Man who served as a replacement for Peter Parker after the fake death of the latter in the comic book.

GhostWire: Tokyo

The king of horror and the father of the Resident Evil and The Evil Within series Shinji Mikami introduced the gameplay trailer GhostWire: Tokyo. The game turned out to be somewhat not what was expected of it: this is not a third-person horror, but rather a kind of action from the first.


The authors of the first of the claimed games for the Sony PlayStation 5 showed new gameplay. As expected, it will be a peppy looter slasher with the ability to customize the character.


Arkane Studios demonstrated to the public its cooperative shooter Deathloop. Self-citations from previous studio works are read openly in the game, but the concept remains unclear. Two mercenaries are doomed to fight each other forever, locked in a temporary loop. But what will be the basic mechanics that make you return to battle over and over again?

Hitman 3

It is not entirely clear why the cross-platform project was presented at the Sony PlayStation 5 presentation, but the fact remains. The bald killer with a barcode on the back of his head and a number instead of a name will again do what he knows best.

Something else?

How to say. The presentation showed a whole bunch of other games – mostly simple or arcade-oriented or focused on a younger audience, or new IPs, about which nothing is clear. They do not cause much enthusiasm, but here is the list:

  • Streray
  • Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
  • Returnal
  • Oddworld soulstorm
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  • Goodbye volcano high
  • JETT: The Fall Shore
  • Solar ash
  • Little devil inside
  • Bugsnax
  • Astro’s playroom
  • Sackboy a big adventure
  • Destruction AllStars

It is also curious that not a single second at the presentation of the Sony PlayStation 5 was allotted VR. Has Sony finished experimenting in this area? The price has not yet been disclosed. However, according to Sony’s press release, they will talk about it a little later.

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Sony PlayStation 5 Official: showed the first games for the new console
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Sony PlayStation 5 Official: showed the first games for the new console
New Sony PlayStation 5 Officially showed the first games for the new console. Finally! Sony revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 and showed the first
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