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MITSUBISHI Eclipse Cross Official – Encounters – Vehicle For Change

Meet Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. All under-cover of the new crossover Mitsubishi promulgates in Geneva at the motor show. But the temptation to share with the whole world great joy was great, and today we have the opportunity to contemplate a newcomer, to the general competitors which are written by none other than Nissan Qashqai. Given that a hefty piece of Mitsubishi belongs precisely to Nissan, and platforms “walk” back and forth just on the road, it will be interesting that the Japanese can offer a brand new one.

MITSUBISHI Eclipse Cross Official - Encounters

For the most part, they press on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross design, which, as usual, is “sharp” and “dynamic.” The crossover really came out quite and at the same prickly. Extravagant pieces, such as created by the principle of “no-no-reason” rear optics, now in vogue.

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Plus the hungry mouth of the radiator grill, the padded wheel arches and a couple of bold stroke strokes of the car body – and the new topical and the probably successful crossover is ready. Of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross engines, as we were told, there will be a 1.5-liter petrol turbo with direct injection paired with a variator and a 2.2-liter turbodiesel under the hood. The last, by the way, is supposed to be an 8-speed automatic, and now we know which version will be most desired.

MITSUBISHI Eclipse Cross Official - Encounters

At the heart of the all-wheel-drive system is traditionally an electronically controlled clutch. But this is commonplace. But the multimedia screen made retractable – a real chip, which in this class, perhaps, no one else. We came up with a touchpad for controlling all the functions that were placed next to the gear selector. Let’s see, maybe, Mitsubishi will be lucky, because almost all such ventures usually ended in ergonomic collapse. It remains to add that Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will come in the fall. That’s when we’ll feel how good he is. Well, or bad.

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