December 1, 2022

Ever since Windows 10 was launched on the market, more than four years have passed, and during this period this platform has become very outdated, as a result of which at present it can no longer satisfy the demands of an impressive number of users. That is why currently millions of people dream of the release of such an operating system as Windows 11.

It should receive a lot of features, starting with a beautiful interface and ending with higher performance, and this will definitely please everyone who wants to install it.

Microsoft Windows 11: the world's newest best operating system

Considering that at present many people are unhappy that Windows 10 is too difficult to learn and understand, Microsoft decided to make a bet in the new operating system for maximum functionality and, in addition, for a number of other features.

So, in particular, the entire interface of this OS was executed in one single style, redrawing even all standard applications, as well as, in addition, the legendary Start menu. Due to this, the new platform will be felt like something from the future, as something simple and understandable.

Microsoft Windows 11: the world's newest best operating system

A year ago, Microsoft openly declared that it was not going to release Windows operating systems anymore, which means that Windows 11 will never enter this market with this name, but at present the new platform is already in the final stages of development, that is, before the release remains literally half a year or a year, while the presentation of this platform will happen in the second half of this year.

How exactly the new OS will be called, unfortunately, now nobody knows for sure, because all such information is kept in the strictest secrecy.

Microsoft Windows 11: the world's newest best operating system

It is known that a key feature of Windows 11 is the Windows Core kernel, which has a modular structure. Due to this, it will become much more stable and faster, as well as be able to update without any reboots, which will definitely please all users.

Thus, at least the eleventh “Windows” will not come out under this name, but Microsoft will release it to the market, having done this in order for this platform to replace the already very outdated Windows 10. Most likely, to use the new operating system will have to pay money, but how much a license will cost for it is currently unknown.

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