December 1, 2022

Microsoft Surface Note 2018 Introduction Concept Trailer, With Specification, Simply Stunning

Its device is called Microsoft Surface Note 2018 and runs on the Windows 10 operating system with an adaptive shell, a frameless screen on both halves of the collapsible device, includes front and back cameras, 12MP 4K rear camera and 8MP front camera, LEd light with the measurement of the depth of space for creating a mixed reality and supporting the Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Note 2018 Concept Trailer With Specification

Recently, news about the conceptual developments from the world of Windows Phone appears infrequently, because the state of this platform is very sad. Despite this, one concept still appeared. Designer Rafael Barbosa decided to imagine what could have come from Microsoft’s patent for the Surface Note for the next year.

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Positioning the device as a phone called Microsoft Surface note, and not as a replacement for a smartphone, one could try to achieve its distribution among users, although it is unlikely to expect multimillion-dollar sales, like premium smartphones.

Microsoft Surface Note 2018 Concept Trailer With Specification

While there are no signs that Microsoft is going to produce a similar product, there is an opinion that the market as a whole will come to devices of this type. As for as concerned for cost and launch of this device, the price and release date of Microsoft Surface Note flagship for the next year not officially announced.

Microsoft Surface Note 2018 Concept Trailer With Specification

Microsoft Surface Note 2018 Phone Specifications and Characteristics

  • 5.7-Inches Display
  • PixelSense Infinity Screen
  • Compatible With Pen & Dial
  • Alcantara Rear
  • IP68 Resistant
  • 12MP 4K Rear Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera, LED Flash
  • LED Light
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 256GB of Storage
  • OS Windows 10
  • Windows Hello: Face + Finger

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