October 2, 2022

Live photo Meizu 17 Plus shows a completely frameless screen

We have already reported that the announcement of the flagship smartphone Meizu 17 plus on the Snapdragon 865 platform is scheduled for the current half-year. New data indicate that several devices can enter the series.

A few weeks ago, a photo of the Meizu 17th smartphone, which was not yet announced, appeared on the network, and now Chinese insiders shared a picture of its Plus version. Apparently, the new product will be able to compete for the title of a smartphone with the thinnest frames.

Meizu 17th Plus (2020) with 64 GB of RAM shown on a real photo

In particular, a “live” photo was published on which the Meizu 17 Plus (or 17th Plus) device was allegedly captured. A page with system information is displayed on the smartphone screen.

Judging by the photo, Meizu 17th Plus looks no different from the usual 17th. It may be larger, but the frames around the display are the same thing. It is still not clear where Meizu has located the front camera since there are no cutouts and openings on the screen. It can be retractable or hidden directly under the display.

The picture also provides information on the key features of the smartphone. As the processor, the new Snapdragon 865 is indicated. The amount of RAM is 64 GB, which may well be an error. 512 GB of internal storage is provided for data storage. The main camera in the device is triple – with modules of 100, 20 and 20 megapixels.

However, it should be noted that the reliability of the submitted photographs remains in question. It is possible that the picture shows some other smartphone, not Meizu 17 Plus.

The presentation of the new Meizu flagships is expected in the spring.

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Source: phone.cnmo

Meizu 17th Plus (2020) with 64 GB of RAM shown on a real photo
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Meizu 17th Plus (2020) with 64 GB of RAM shown on a real photo
The new flagship smartphone Meizu 17th Plus (2020) with 64 GB of RAM shown on a real photo. Live photo Meizu 17 Plus shows a completely frameless screen.
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